5 Reasons Why The MIG Welding Process (GMAW) Is Best For Beginners

The MIG welding process (Metal Inert Gas) is a simple process to learn if you’re a beginner to welding.

You may have heard this process called GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) or by the name MAG (Metal Arc Welding).mig welding process

For years this simple welding process has been known as MIG, even though the American Welding Society now delineates it as GMAW.

Most people still refer to it as MIG welding, and chances are you’ve heard it called that.

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MIG was developed by the fabrication industry as a way to streamline production. It does this by using a roll of wire as the welding electrode.

This wire feeds continuously, and only rarely needs to be filled.

Contrast the MIG Welding Process with Stick Welding

Before MIG welders were invented there were stick welders.

Stick welding naturally takes longer because you have consumables that need to be changed far more often.

A consumable in welding is the welding rod, stick electrode, or MIG wire that is consumed and creates the actual weld bead.

When you look at a weld you’ll see a weld bead that has been deposited to form a weld joint. This weld bead is essential to the strength of the material your welding.

If you were to simply do a fuse weld with no filler, the part would lack strength.

The biggest problem with stick welding for beginners is that it’s exponentially harder to start and maintain an arc with a stick welder. Of course, you’ll get the hang of it after a while. But, if you’re someone who wants to avoid the headaches, and you want to learn welding in the fastest time possible, then the MIG welding process is great for you.

There are 5 reasons to start with a MIG welder.

  1. The Weld Puddle Is Crystal Clear – When you’re first learning to weld you want to be able to see the weld puddle. This isn’t possible with stick welding because it’s being protected with a slag coating.
  2. Pull The Trigger and Go – Unlike stick welding, you won’t have to worry about your rod constantly sticking. You’ll have a MIG gun instead. All you do is pull the trigger and you’re welding. The puddle will form an you’ll be off to the races.
  3. No Smoke – If you’re using your machine as a true MIG welder, you’ll have a gas tank hooked up to it. This inert gas is used to protect the weld from contamination. It produces nice, shiny welds without any smoke.
  4. Speed – Once you start your weld you can run it for long periods of time without stopping. The length is determined by your welders duty cycle.
  5. Cost – You can save money on trips to the welding supply store. Your roll of MIG wire will likely last much longer than a box of stick electrodes.

What If I Want To MIG Weld Without Gas?

If you want to use the MIG welding process without a shielding gas, then you’ll need to get some flux core wire.

With stick welders you’ll see a coating of flux on the outside of the metal filler rod. With flux core the flux is on the inside of the wire.

You’ll want to be careful to make sure you change your polarity settings before welding with flux core.

Otherwise, your welds will come out with lots of spatter.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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