My welding pic5 Steps To Master MIG Welding Fast

By Garrett Strong

Did you know that if you MIG weld a project without first sequencing your tack welds, you will badly warp the metal, causing you to scrap the whole project and start over? Think about that! If you spent $1,000 on materials for a project, and you later discover it’s warped beyond repair, you will FEEL anger and frustration beyond anything you can imagine. I’ve experienced this and seen it happen first hand.

Did you know that when you lay a MIG weld, it’s common to get “cold” starts that don’t penetrate the metal? According to, “Lack of fusion can occur when the voltage or wire feed speed is set too low, or when the operator's travel speed is too fast… …it is prone to lack of fusion at the start of a weld until enough energy is put into the weld.” That means welds that you thought were solid could easily be cracked, resulting in your entire project being ruined.

Did you know that these mistakes are easily avoidable? You can actually sequence your tack welds in a special way that TOTALLY prevents metal warpage. Further, you can completely eliminate the possibility of “cold” welds that rob weld strength by simply pausing for a count of 2 seconds when you start your weld. That means no more cracked welds or poor penetration.

These techniques have proven to help men and women of all ages Master MIG welding fast, without having to suffer through endless weeks of frustration. If you’re a man or woman between the ages of 5 and 105, you can learn MIG welding fast.

Over eight years ago I learned to MIG weld from some of the greatest teachers in the world on this subject. I was grateful for what they taught me, but still not satisfied with my journey. So, I continued on and waded through stacks of books and videos on the subject. I had the great fortune of looking “over the shoulder” of some of the greatest MIG welders on the planet. What I learned still SHOCKS me to this day.

I’ve taught this MIG welding system that cuts your learning curve in half to over 5,000 beginners. Men and women like you who were skeptical about whether they could do it. I’ve taught these 5 steps to beginners who want to learn so they can AVOID all the mistakes I made, and to ultimately MIG weld with confidence, have fun, and even make a second income.

With all that on the table, I have to warn you: What you are about to hear is going to defy everything you’ve seen or heard about learning to MIG weld. Much of the advice on the subject uses outdated and un-safe knowledge. This “old” advice will teach you to MIG weld, however, it will fall short at teaching you everything you MUST know to safely learn MIG welding.

These 5 Steps Reveal The Things You Absolutely MUST AVOID If You Want To Master MIG Welding, While Cutting Your Learning Curve In Half.

Here’s a dose of truth for you, so you can stop buying into the lies. Deal? Let’s get going!

Step 1: Forget Welding Safety

Of course, that’s not to say welding safety isn’t important. It’s obvious that you WILL need a welding mask, gloves, long sleeves, leather boots (and a welding hat if you’re welding overhead).

However, your main safety should focus on making solid welds that hold strong. Imagine if you welded a trailer and you were pulling it on the highway at 70 m.p.h. Then, out of nowhere you hit a large pot hole, and BAM. The trailer suddenly jolts, cracking the welds. The next thing you know your trailer is now an out of control missile waiting to destroy any vehicle unlucky enough to be in your immediate area.

Beginners often make the mistake of welding too cold, and the results are all too often what I just described. Do you really want to be that person who puts others in danger, or creates projects that have to be scrapped, all because your welds are weak?