A Revolutionary MIG Welding Course?

90 Minute MIG Mastery has become one of the most sought after MIG welding courses to teach beginners how to master the ins-and-outs of MIG welding.


There are a few very distinct benefits you’ll get in 90 Minute MIG Mastery that you won’t get anywhere else.

True, you can search Youtube for videos about MIG welding. You might even find a video or two that will teach you some great stuff.

But, if you’re the kind of person who wants a step-by-step MIG welding training course that teaches you from the ground up how to setup your MIG welder, how to lay perfect MIG welds, how to tune your MIG welder, and a host of other exciting benefits (and bonuses) you have to see to believe, then you have to check it out.

==> Check out 90 Minute MIG Mastery Here

It’s like nothing you’ll experience through any other dvd, or video.

It’s jam packed with welding tips and tricks that will knock your socks off. The feedback has been amazing, too.

I am very pleased with both courses!

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Hello Garrett, Yes, I am very pleased with both courses. Being totally inexperienced with MIG welding, the beginners course was very informative and helpful. I also learned a lot from the advanced fabrication course. I haven't had an opportunity to put this knowledge into motion yet, my MIG equipment will arrive later this week.

This course was definitely worth the money!

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There is a wealth of great information here. This course was definitely worth the money! It has helped me considerably on my first major project. The steel railings on my back porch have rusted at the bottom badly. With the confidence from this course I was able to cut out the bad sections and weld in new sections. Overall this really is a great course and I haven't even gotten into the bonus videos yet. *Click to read disclaimer

It Is Excellent!

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I was not sure about this course when signing up for it. I wanted to understand MIG welding, setting up, potential difficulties etc. I could have gone to a local college and that would have cost a lot more money than this course, plus travel etc. So I decided to sign up for Garret's course. I must say first that it is excellent. I have not been through all the videos yet but have already learnt so much. I speak to friends now, that have some experience in welding and I now realise that some of them do not fully understand MIG welding. I am truly surprised that this course has got me up and running so quickly. I would also add that a first time person wanting to purchase a MIG welder should hold off until they have taken this course. It is full of very detailed and clearly explained advice and knowledge that has really helped me to make sense of what to look for in a MIG welder. On a technical point - the videos are well structured and not too long and there is also a facility for each video to be downloaded on to your local machine for future reference. A great feature as my Broadband bandwidth is crap. Well done Garret and thanks so much for sharing your experience and knowledge so succinctly. It is a great course and I am really pleased that I signed up for it.

Your videos are really good.

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Garrett, First let me tell you how pleased I am with the money I spent for your intro to welding program. I am very sceptical of these types of offers because I have been disappointed in the past, but your videos are really good. At first I was not sure about the short length of each video, but now I kind of like it, as it makes it easy to find a specific topic without having to go through a long video to get to it. I just purchased my first mig welder. I would very much like to get your advanced program, but I have run out of funds for this paycheck. I hope the offer will still be there when I get paid in two weeks. Thanks again!

Your courses are Gold!

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Your courses are Gold and even if I would have to pay twice for taking them over later "I'd be as happy as a sissy in boystown to do so.

This is the foundation I was looking for.

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I'm new to welding and very happy that I found your site. I'm a "hands on" type of guy and if something breaks or needs repaired then I try to fix it myself. I'm on YouTube doing research if I'm not for certain on how to fix it. Anyway, I've always wanted to learn how to weld and by accident I came across your site. Very informative information for the beginner. Like anything that's new you have to practice, but you need a good foundation first. This is the foundation that I was looking for and I'm ready to weld! I was actually thinking about taking a welding class at a Junior College in my area many years ago, but I never did due to work and family. Glad I came across your course. This is what I needed! Thanks Garrett!!!

Thank you for all your great advice.

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I would like to tell you how much I am learning through viewing your videos. I am a beginner and have been fascinated by welding. I now have the time after retiring from 38 years of teaching. Again thank you for ALL your GREAT advice on the videos.

Many thanks to Garrett's teaching.

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A very good and informative course. I have not welded in a very long time, and that was with stick welding. I have just now purchased a Lincoln Electric 180 dual mig welder (110-220V). It was always very messy (slag & spatter) probably because I didn't know proper electrode sizes and heat ranges. Your courses have helped fill a lot of blanks for me with proper techniques, heat/material thickness settings, layout and fabrication information. I have completed my first project with my Lincoln mig welder, however it was flux core because I haven't purchase the argon cylinder yet. My first project was a weld cart. I had watched others build there's and then I watched you building one. My plans came about from a number of ideas from a number of people. I created a two level cart because I have an old Lincoln 225 cracker box (stick) welder and my new Lincoln welder. My cart has turned out much better than I thought it would, especially considering it was with flux core.Many thanks to Garrett's teaching and instructional videos. I will continue with his teaching to further improve my welding techniques and to help make my projects a much better outcome! Thanks again! Gary

The video instruction was clear and simple.

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I have read books and tried other methods and this is by far the best method of learning mig outside the classroom I have come across. The video instruction was perfect, clear and simple to understand. I have recommended this course to my friends. I couldn't be happier. Thank You!

==> Check out 90 Minute MIG Mastery Here

Take just a second to look through all the incredible benefits you’ll get when you join.

It’s been trusted by well over 5,000 members to help them start MIG welding from home, FAST!

Inside you’ll discover 6 ground breaking modules:

Module 1: Intro To Welding
Module 2: Intro To Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
Module 3: Controlling The Weld Puddle
Module 4: Intro To Flux Core Arc Welding
Module 5: Intro To The Welding Positions
Module 6: Intro To Welding Joints

Plus, I’ve put together 7 of the most incredible bonuses you’ll ever see:

Bonus #1: Ninja Trick To Tune Your Welder ($17 Value)

This bonus reveals everything you’ve ever wanted to know about tuning your wire feed and voltage, so you can ensure great, solid welds without even thinking about it.

Bonus #2: Cutting and Grinding Mastery ($17 Value)

This bonus video shows you how to use angle grinders, cut off wheels, band saws, and a cutting torch so you can cut metal to length, grind metal for a smooth finish, and make sure your project is awesome.

Bonus #3: Work Table Project ($27 Value)

This Step by step project shows you how to build an handy work table, so you can have work space to mount a vice, drill press, bench grinder, or anything you need it for.

Bonus #4: Plasma Power ($17 Value)

Inside this bonus plasma course I reveal the secrets about plasma cutting, how to cut with a plasma cutter, and the advantages of plasma cutters over oxy acetylene torches.

Bonus #5: Propane Cooker Project ($17 Value)

Want to build a super simple propane cooker? I’ll show you how to build an easy propane cooker so you can cook your favorite foods in the great outdoors! Cook a quick and easy stew, fry fish, and hundreds of your favorite foods.

Bonus #6: Roller Stand Project ($17 Value)

This bonus project will show you how to build an adjustable support stand for your welding projects! This will make it SUPER quick and easy for you to adjust the height of your workpiece when cutting and welding.

Bonus #7: Welding Cart Project ($27 Value)

A welding cart is an absolute MUST HAVE when you begin welding because you need to mobilize yourself when starting a welding project. This video will show you in detail how to build your first welding cart, right down to the dimensions you need to use, how to cut the angle iron, how to frame up the cart so it’s square, how to attach the wheels, and a LOT more.

You really have nothing to lose. Try it for 60 days FREE and if you don’t believe in your heart that this is worth way more than what I ask, then contact me for a fast and courteous refund.

==> Check out 90 Minute MIG Mastery Here

Look, you could spend years and $20,000 or more for what I teach you in this course, for a HUGE fraction of that cost.

If you’re still reading this, it means I’ve peaked your interest. I only want what’s in your best interest here, and I wouldn’t be recommending this MIG welding course if I didn’t think it delivered great value.

If you’re still saying to yourself:

“I don’t need a course, I’ll learn on my own”

“I don’t want to spend money this”

“I don’t have time to go through a course”

Or whatever excuse you’re making, then listen…

You might not be a good fit for this course. Not everyone is, but if you want to gain mastery of your MIG welder, if you want to say goodbye to lousy welds, if you want to learn how to fabricate projects that you can sell for cash, or just want to improve your shop skills, click the link below now.

==> Check out 90 Minute MIG Mastery Here

Still not sure?

Don’t even want to poke around? Are you afraid I might be right and just waiting for the right time.

It’s at a very good price right now for what you’re getting, and the price could jump hundreds at any time. I don’t want you to come back, contact me disappointed because you couldn’t get in, and then ask me to give you a deal.

You’ve got 3 pretty simple options:

Option #1:Do Nothing: Leave this page, keep putting this off, and then discover later that you want to learn.

Honestly, if you’ve read this far it’s positive proof that you want to learn these skills.

Option #2: Keep searching the web for a MIG welding course that will deliver more than I’m promising right now. I’ll tell you right now, I’ve scoured the market and nothing comes close.

Option #3: Join over 5,000 happy members who have learned to master MIG welding fast, and are now successfully building projects, making repairs, and learning an exciting new hobby that can bring you cash and enjoyment for the rest of your life.

If you’re still twiddling your, then I’m not sure what else to tell you besides GO CHECK IT OUT YOURSELF!

==> Checkout 90 Minute MIG Mastery Now

If you have questions about the course, please feel free to contact me on the contact page.


Garrett Strong

Owner, makemoneywelding.com

P.S. The price it’s at right now could rise soon for several reasons..

  1. One: I’ll have to raise the price to cover my marketing costs
  2. Two: It’s just too good of a deal to leave at this price
  3. And Three: I just want you to take action on something that will truly change your life forever.
  4. ==> Check out 90 Minute MIG Mastery Here



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