How To Quickly and Easily Fabricate Jaw-Dropping Welding Projects In Minutes

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Hi Garrett My name is Ethan, I run a small recently opened welding company in South Africa. I have been welding for a few years. I'm coded and weld anything from 1.6 mm plate to 2" plate daily. Manufacturing a whole range of agricultural implements. Just wanted to let you know I've been using your vids and write ups to train my staff, so far I have trained 2 of my guys with completely no skills to a decent stitch. Great work

Many thanks, Ethan van Jaarsveld

my welding photoHey there, it’s Garrett Strong here…

You know how fabricating your welding projects can seem like a daunting task if you've never done it before?

Learning to MIG weld is one thing, but taking those skills and creating projects that are functional and beautiful is another thing.

Knowing metal fit up, measurement techniques, what order to fabricate your projects in, and in what order to tack weld your projects together is the basis of creating great welding projects.

Without it, you're DEAD in the water.

Now You Can Fabricate Projects Faster Than You Ever Imagined

Without the knowledge I'm going to share with you, you will throw away $1,000's of your hard earned cash.

Whether you’re building a bbq pit, a motorcycle frame, or a trailer… fabricating is the most important thing you need to do besides learning how to make killer welds that are strong and look great.

But don’t you worry because I’ve packed all this valuable, time saving information inside my Advanced MIG Welding Fabrication Video Course…

Introducing Advanced MIG Welding Fabrication

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Every welder ABSOLUTELY needs a welding table so you aren’t bent over breaking your back to make your projects on the ground.

So after thinking about it I decided to go ahead and give you my welding table fabrication project for FREE!

Now, this project normally sells on my website for $47, but I know how much it’s going to help you get started welding so I’m not charging you a single dime for this awesome video course…

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I want to give you FREE access to my Cutting Torch Magic course that normally sells for $37… and since you may not have a cutting torch yet… rest assured that when you do get one you can come back and watch the videos at any time.

A cutting torch is an essential metal working tool that need to have if you want to bend metal, pierce metal, or cut metal to length. Once you become a master at welding you’ll be making all sorts of cool stuff, and much of it needs a cutting torch to do.

BONUS #3: Cutting Torch Magic ($37 Value)

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Customer Testimonials

Garrett is a bona-fide expert in hobby welding and DIY welding projects. His beginner welding tutorials have brought a flood of new beginner welders to him (asking) for his assistance on how to start welding from home.

Allen Simpson

Garrett transforms beginner welders, hobbyists, and those looking to make a second income from home. I personally respect, appreciate, admire and laud him… Garrett is one of the very few worth turning to online for instructional welding info, videos, and advice.

David Watts

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