How To Quickly and Easily Fabricate Jaw-Dropping Welding Projects In Minutes

This Power-Packed Course Comes Fully Loaded With 3 KICK ASS Bonuses - Including the Welding Table Project, MIG Weaving Techniques, and The Cutting Torch Magic Course...

Hi Garrett My name is Ethan, I run a small recently opened welding company in South Africa. I have been welding for a few years. I'm coded and weld anything from 1.6 mm plate to 2" plate daily. Manufacturing a whole range of agricultural implements. Just wanted to let you know I've been using your vids and write ups to train my staff, so far I have trained 2 of my guys with completely no skills to a decent stitch. Great work

Many thanks, Ethan van Jaarsveld

my welding photoHey there, it’s Garrett Strong here…

You know how fabricating your welding projects can seem like a daunting task if you've never done it before?

Learning to MIG weld is one thing, but taking those skills and creating projects that are functional and beautiful is another thing.

Knowing metal fit up, measurement techniques, what order to fabricate your projects in, and in what order to tack weld your projects together is the basis of creating great welding projects.

Without it, you're DEAD in the water.

Now You Can Fabricate Projects Faster Than You Ever Imagined

Without the knowledge I'm going to share with you, you will throw away $1,000's of your hard earned cash.

Whether you’re building a bbq pit, a motorcycle frame, or a trailer… fabricating is the most important thing you need to do besides learning how to make killer welds that are strong and look great.

But don’t you worry because I’ve packed all this valuable, time saving information inside my Advanced MIG Welding Fabrication Video Course…

Introducing Advanced MIG Welding Fabrication

Inside You'll Discover:

  • The 5 steps to metal fabrication so you end up with a finished project that’s nice and square… these 5 steps alone will save you from wasted time and money
  • Learn why welding jigs are so damn useful when it comes to holding your work pieces in place… and how to make your own welding jigs to give you that MUCH needed extra hand
  • Your welding projects won’t always fit together perfectly but that’s ok… I’m going to show you how to weld your projects with success even when there’s large gaps in the metal or improper fit up
  • Discover how to sequence your tack welds so you don’t pull your project out of square… this tip alone is worth it’s weight in gold
  • Learn how to eliminate metal warpage when welding so you don’t end up discouraged and frustrated
  • I’ll teach you how to make a 90 degree welding clamp so all your frames come out perfect every time
  • Discover how to fabricate any kind of metal frame with exact squareness… and this includes frames using square tubing, angle iron, and round tubing so you can build any project out of any metal type
  • Having an extra hand is always nice when you’re welding… so I’m going to show you how to make my “third arm jig” that will give you that much needed hand when you have to hold work pieces in the vertical position
  • You’ll discover how to make a screw clamp out of an ordinary nut, bolt, and pipe… this will open the possibilities of what you can do when fabricating projects
  • Learn how to properly measure your project as you go using cross measuring techniques, speed squares, and framing squares
  • Discover the essential fabrication tools you need to be accurate when making cuts… and how to use the most accurate measuring tool available for cutting your material
  • You’ll learn my #1 best bending jig… and I’m going to show you step by step how to fabricate your very own so you can bend round bar and flat bar into any shape you want


As my special gift to you today, I want to give you 3 amazing bonuses that will have you fabricating like a pro in no time…

I know how much these special gifts will help you on your welding journey, so I’m giving them away  (Worth Over $119.95)  for FREE as a special thank you gift!

BONUS #1: Advanced MIG Weaving Techniques ($37 Value)

  • My top 3 weaving techniques so you can prevent burn through and improve the look of your welds
  • I’m going to show you my “little known” secret to get that scaled (stack of dimes) look to your welds… so it looks like you’ve been welding for years – even though it’s a super quick & easy “trick” to learn
  • How to use the circle motion in the forehand and backhand position… (this will allow you to weld thick metals to thinner metals without burning through)
  • Discover how to master the back-and-forth gun motion to get deep penetrating welds and high build up
  • How to become an expert using the zig zag method to bridge gaps when you have poor metal fit up… this is especially helpful when you’re trying to prevent burn through
  • I’m going to show you how to run multiple pass welds and which weaving motion to use so your welds come out nice and flush
  • And a lot more…

It doesn’t stop there…

Every welder ABSOLUTELY needs a welding table so you aren’t bent over breaking your back to make your projects on the ground.

So after thinking about it I decided to go ahead and give you my welding table fabrication project for FREE!

Now, this project normally sells on my website for $47, but I know how much it’s going to help you get started welding so I’m not charging you a single dime for this awesome video course…

BONUS #2: Welding Table Fabrication Project ($47 Value)

  • How to create this welding table from the ground up using square tubing… (Watch as I take 50 ft of square tubing and transform it into a table frame in just one hour)
  • Watch as I show you the measuring techniques you need to know to keep your dimensions square when welding the table frame
  • Discover how to sequence your tack welds when joining the table frame so your table stays nice and square
  • Learn how to correctly frame up square tubing, and in what order to assemble the frame (In this 45 minute video I’m going to walk you through every step of creating this very table that I use)
  • You’ll learn the secret to preventing burn through when you’re working on a project… saving you tons of time and preventing you from wasting lots of money on burn joints
  • You’ll discover how to do a stitch weld, and why it makes fabricating your projects so much quicker and more enjoyable
  • I’ll show you how to create a clamp holder so you can keep all your clamps organized and easily accessible when you need them the most
  • Making a basic frame out of metal is something you’ll be doing a lot of… so I’m going to show you how to make a 90 degree fit up so your frames are simple to make and turn out square every time
  • One of the most convenient things to have on your welding table is a MIG gun holder so you can easily stop welding and hang your gun where it needs to go… inside I’ll show you exactly how to make one so you can fabricate projects with ease
  • Plus, there”s a lot more…

I’m not done yet…

I want to give you FREE access to my Cutting Torch Magic course that normally sells for $37… and since you may not have a cutting torch yet… rest assured that when you do get one you can come back and watch the videos at any time.

A cutting torch is an essential metal working tool that need to have if you want to bend metal, pierce metal, or cut metal to length. Once you become a master at welding you’ll be making all sorts of cool stuff, and much of it needs a cutting torch to do.

BONUS #3: Cutting Torch Magic ($37 Value)

  • The 10 most important safety precautions to use when using a cutting torch (This is the most dangerous tool in your shop so you don’t want to miss what I have to tell you.)
  • Discover the best cutting tips and sizes to use with different metal thicknesses. (This will ensure a clean cut every time.)
  • The 3 most important practices to use when heating and bending steel.
  • I’ll show you how to safely light your torch, and which gas to light first so you know you don’t put yourself at risk.
  • Marking tools are essential when you start using your torch. I’m going to show you which marking tools are available that will withstand the high heat of an oxy acetylene torch.
  • You’ll Discover what size cylinders are available to buy and rent, and how to go about getting your hands on some. (There is one size that I always recommend to beginners.)
  • I’ll show you what regulators are used for, and how to set your oxygen/acetylene gas flow for the correct thickness of metal.
  • Safety is the most important topic when it comes to using an oxy-acetylene torch, so I’ve put together a whole section dedicated to the safety tips you need to follow to safely operate your torch.
  • I’ll show you from A-Z how to turn on and shut down your setup correctly so you don’t damage your regulators or torch.
  • Once you get comfortable cutting steel, I’ll show you how to cut perfect circles every time using a circle cutting guide.

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Garrett is a bona-fide expert in hobby welding and DIY welding projects. His beginner welding tutorials have brought a flood of new beginner welders to him (asking) for his assistance on how to start welding from home.

Allen Simpson

Garrett transforms beginner welders, hobbyists, and those looking to make a second income from home. I personally respect, appreciate, admire and laud him… Garrett is one of the very few worth turning to online for instructional welding info, videos, and advice.

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