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90 Minute MIG Mastery… What’s It About?

The 90 Minute MIG Mastery video course is a COMPLETE A to Z Blueprint that teaches beginners how to MIG weld from their own homes. This course is designed for people who want to hobby weld projects at their own pace, without having to attend an expensive welding school to learn how.

Of course that’s not all though. All members will get access to several welding projects like a welding cart project and a work table project. There are over 3 hours of videos in the course alone, as well as the Cutting and Grinding Mastery video bonus.

You’ll be happy to know that refunds are rare, and you can rest assured that I teach beginners everything they need to know to properly set up their welder, lay their first weld bead, and weld their first killer projects.

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Pre-Written Emails To Use

Subject: How To MIG Weld Like A Pro?

If you’d love to MIG weld like a pro, then these 5 steps are the secret.

==> Discover the 5 steps to master MIG welding fast

You'll discover:

  • Why safety isn't important, and what to do instead
  • Why ugly welds are actually better
  • How anyone can learn MIG welding fast
  • Why you should avoid welding schools at all costs
  • And why practicing more than 5 minutes a day is actually a bad thing

==> Yes, I want to discover the 5 steps to master MIG welding fast

This is the perfect way to start a new hobby, fabricate cool projects, make quick & easy repairs, or just put more money in your pocket (without having to attend an EXPENSIVE welding school) 

Thanks,[Your Name]

P.S. This is the fastest and easiest way to learn MIG welding, HANDS DOWN!

==> Yes, I want to discover the 5 steps to master MIG welding fast


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