A Beginner’s Guide on Buying the Perfect Welding Machine

Embarking on a career with welding is a rigorous process. There are many things that you need to learn to be successful in welding.

One of these is buying your first welding machine. While sufficient knowledge and skill are good enough to weld, wielding an efficient tool can be a game changer.

With that said, here’s a simple and handy guide that can help you to buy yours the right way.


We constantly look for affordability, and there is a wide variety of welding machines that can accommodate your budget. However, it’s better to always pick quality. As welding is considered to be hazardous, a safe and functional one is always the best choice. If you’re looking forward to a long-term career with welding, invest in a high-quality and sturdy machine that can do tedious works.


If you’re a beginner in welding, a simple and user-friendly machine can assist you to start out. Choose one that has no complicated knobs and dials.


For beginners, a portable welding machine remains an appropriate choice. If you want a plug and weld machine, look for a portable one. These days, there is a broad variety of this kind of welding machine. In addition to its uncomplicated utilization, this kind is also lightweight for easy handling. The convenience and ready to use features are definitely sensible things to look out for.

Voltage capacity

Knowing the voltage of the machine is important to consider when buying. There are two types of voltages: 110V or 220V. To put it simply, higher voltage equals more power, so picking the voltage of a welding machine depends on the complexity of a project.

Duty cycle

If you’re planning to work out a heavy project, you seriously need to consider taking a marathon-type of welding machine. Its duty cycle can help you to determine how long can a machine endure continuous usage.

Duty cycle is measured in percentage. As usual, the higher the percentage, the slower its interval.

Heat overload

An electric motor acquires this technology called Heat Overload Protection. It is designed to prevent dangerous overheating that can cause motor failure. It is recommended to look for welding machine that has this feature as it greatly extends the motor life. It also helps you to save yourself on accidental burns.

Safety precautions

Safety is a critical consideration in welding, and selecting a faulty machine can be detrimental. Pick a machine that is guaranteed safe to use and fully functional in its safety precautions.

Trusty and sturdy

Above all, you need a welding machine that is made of reliable materials. There are machines that look promising on the outside but you need to dig deeper than that. Determine first the materials of the machine including its wire and cords.

Final thoughts

You don’t need a sleek-looking welding machine. It’s critical that you know well your future projects to buy the machine that you really need. Need more understanding about welding machines? Check out Welder Critic for comprehensive guides that can help you improve your skill. Best of luck!

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