Free Welding Module

Hi there, As you probably know I recently released "90 Minute MIG Mastery" which is rapidly becoming a major success.

Today I'd like to make everyone a participant of this success by giving free access to one of the modules in the course "Module 3: The Weld Puddle".

This is just one module out of a total of six, but it will give you a pretty sharp idea whether 90 Minute MIG Mastery is for you and whether you can find valuable information inside. Here's the table of contents:

  • Module #1: Intro To Welding
  • Module #2: Intro To Gas Metal Arc Welding
  • Module #3: The Weld Puddle (FREE ACCESS BELOW)
  • Module #4: Intro To Flux Core Arc Welding
  • Module #5: Intro To Welding Positions
  • Module #6: Intro To Welding Joints

OK, now enjoy the free module and feel free to leave your comments under this post!

FREE MODULE: The Weld Puddle


Video #1: Intro To The Weld Puddle

In this video I'm going to give you an overview of what we'll be learning throughout this module...

Video #2: Weld Preparation

In this video I'm going to show you how to prepare your metal before welding, why metal cleaning is so important, and much more...

Video #3: Weld Bead Types

In this video I'm going to show you the different weld bead types, and why weaving patterns are so important when welding.

Video #4: A Close Up Look

In this video I'm going to show you a close up look of a weld in action so you can see exactly what angle the gun needs to be, how far from the workpiece you need to be, and where the electrode should be pointed.

Video #5: Pushing Vs. Pulling

In this video I'm going to show you the different travel directions used when welding, and the advantages/disadvantages of both.

Video #6: Weld Penetration

In this video I'm going to show you how to make sure you're getting the necessary weld penetration to make a solid weld.

Video #7: Burn Through Vs. Cold Welds

In this video I'm going to show you how to avoid burn through when welding, and also how to avoid cold welds.

Video #8: What Is Weld Porosity?

In this video I'm going to show you what weld porosity looks like, and how to tell if you have weld porosity that will dramatically weaken your welds.

Video #9: The Break Test

In this video I'm going to show you how to perform a simple break test so you can see if your welds are strong enough.

Here Are Some RAVE Reviews From My Last Launch

I have read books and tried other methods and this is by far the best method of learning mig outside the classroom I have come across.

Jason Olson

I have learned many web tips on MIG welding, but having completed Garrett's course, I have much more confidence to proceed.

Danny Bradley

I give the coarse 5 Stars but would give it 10 if I could.I knew little to nothing about welding but wanted to start making some Yard Art and furniture.for the price I decided to give it a try and IT IS THE BEST tutorial I have seen. I would learn a few things and go running to the garage to try them out. After each video you can write comments or ask questions and Garrett gets right back to you. I don't think Garrett lets his coarse go stagnant, it is not just running and collecting $$ like a lot of web sites do. I have only belonged for a couple weeks but looks like he updates and improves the videos and takes comments seriously. He is a good teacher, explains things well. I really do not have any negatives about the course, not sure where I would have been without it.Thank You!!

Denise M.

Excellent on-line course. I've been working on a motorcycle project and had reached a point where I needed some welding done. Project had stalled because I was afraid to tackle the welding. Saw your web site and glad I did! Can't wait to get into the shop and start practicing!!! Feel confident I can get it done thanks to your info. You covered so many areas that I had questions about. I would highly recommend this to any beginner that needs the basics to get started.

Mark Roach

Hey Garrett,Very good course! I had taken another on-line welding course that I paid $199 for, and got nothing but frustration out of it. I was just about to give up and sell my MIG welder on craigslist when I came across your course. After watching your promo videos and reading the reviews, I figured I would give it a shot. It was money well spent! Your simplistic approach and "behind the lens" videos taught me what I needed to do. I watched the videos over a two day span, and went out to the garage to practice and was laying down some impressive beads. What you teach and how you teach it, just makes sense. Instead of selling my MIG welder, I am now looking forward to making projects. Wish I would have found you earlier! Thank-you!!

Rich Hartman

Garrett's course is great because he takes that time to cover every nut and bolt of the process.

Bob Emery

Hi Garrett,Excellent course!!! I went through all modules in a week. I liked how each module in broken down in short videos. It made the information easy to understand and go back over again with ease if needed. I liked when you showed the welding procedures done behind the welders shield best, it made it easier to see the weld bead.

Joe Lyon

Garrett, you're the man. the videos are awesome and are so easy to follow and understand. this is by far one of the best purchases i ever made. i already made my money back doing some side jobs.

Taylor D.

Garrett your Instruction Videos have helped me Considerably I am only using Gasless wire and Practicing while building my Projects at home. My Grinder is getting used less often thanks to you as I am my Harshest critic I'm not making money as yet. Though I have already Built my Front fence and getting Complemented on it an repaired my Elderly Neighbours Gate. So Thanks Mate I Hope you have more Instructional Video's to come

Raymond Young

Garrett the videos are great so far this is my first time ever playing around with a welder so far i took flat steel just lay some beads that all right but videos making it easier to do it ,i can;t wait to start welding some frame tubes on the race car

Luis C.

Garrett,After a week, I am now nearly through the second module. Your videos and explanations are excellent up to this point. My next step is to get out and practice what you have showed me, which is my priority this week. I have a car I am restoring and plan to weld in some patch panels on the body as a first real project.


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