How To Choose A Welding Training Course Online

If you’re in the market for a step-by-step welding training course, I’m about to show you what to look for so you don’t get ripped off.


Hi, my name is Garrett Strong.

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3 Pitfalls To Avoid When Choosing A Welding Training Course Online

You need to know what to look for because not all online welding courses are built the same. In fact, many of them are dangerous to learn from because they skip around, don’t teach proper fundamentals, and don’t put themselves in the students shoes.

With that said, avoid these 7 mistakes at all costs and you’ll choose the right online welding training course.

Pitfall #1: The course is not built on a rock solid foundation

What this means is that the instructor has not setup the course in a modular way so that each module builds on itself. The course “should” begin by teaching you about welding fundamentals, metals to be used, the welding tools you’ll need, etc.

Then they should teach you about about the weld puddle and heat control. One you have an understanding of that, then they should move on to welding positions, and then welding joints.

A welding course should build on itself. You shouldn’t just start welding up projects without first mastering a weld bead in the flat position for starters.

Then you can move on to fillets joints, gap joints, vertical and horizontal joints, and more.

Pitfall #2: You’re starting with the wrong welding process

If you’re a beginner to welding, and you want to learn to weld from home or as a hobby then pay close attention. This is where you can really shoot yourself in the foot.

Make damn sure you pick the right welding process to learn. Here’s a tip. If you want the fastest way to learn how to weld then stay away from oxy fuel welding, TIG welding, and stick welding.

Those processes all have their place, but they aren’t beginner friendly. MIG welding is the process you want to start with.

It’s so simple to learn because you don’t have to worry about your electrode sticking like with a stick welder, and you don’t have the frustration of a slow welding process like TIG or oxy fuel.

Trust me. I’ve been here and I know that MIG is just so much easier to get setup and start welding fast.

Pitfall #3: They don’t offer a money back guarantee

If they don’t offer you a full money back guarantee then move along. It’s likely a sham and won’t give you what you paid for.

There’s a reason why some welding training course providers don’t offer a guarantee. They don’t believe in their product enough to guarantee it.

A guarantee should always be present, and actually they should give you a 60 day return period just in case it isn’t what you thought.




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