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Welding apprenticeships are a great way to learn how to weld while getting paid, but did you know that while you’re learning on the job most welding unions pay very little the first 5 years.

If you learn to weld at home, and then get your welding certification if you so choose, you can make a ton of money working for a non union employer. You won’t even need to think about welding apprenticeships.

Just continue to read this post and you’ll quickly discover how you can go about learning how to weld without spending a ton of money, without welding apprenticeships, and by learning to weld from home.

learn to weld from home 2You also have the choice to not listen to what I say here and miss out on possibly thousands of dollars. I promise you that home welding apprenticeships will allow you make the money you want, without the unnecessary time spent in a traditional apprenticeship.


Because there a tons of non-union employers who will pay $25/hour, $35/hour, $45/hour, and even more.

Welding Apprenticeships Aren’t Necessary To Make A Good Living Welding

You can actually learn to weld from your own home, and with VERY little money without welding apprenticeships. You don’t even need to go to a college welding school to get certified.

Many newbie welders think that they need 2 years and $20,000 to attend a welding program to learn to weld.

The truth is that although you may learn to weld at welding trade schools, you also learn a lot of unnecessary stuff that you’ll probably never need to know.

Plus, you can learn all of the welding processes you will learn from a welding school, or through welding apprenticeships, at the comfort of your own home.

Then, when you feel comfortable about passing the AWS welders certification test, you can do it and not have to worry about putting yourself into debt by attending school, or any lengthy welding apprenticeships.

You also won’t have to spend 5 years making very little as a union employee.

3 Steps To Home Welding Apprenticeships

Step 1: Learn the basics of welding.

Start out with a 110 volt mig welder that you can plug in and weld from a standard home outlet. You can practice at your own pace, and keep your job in the meantime, avoiding the unnecessary guy tig weldingwelding apprenticeships.

Step 2: Get certified

Go to the American Welding Society and get certified.

When you pass the welders certification exam you can look for a good paying welding job. This way you won’t spend 5 years making nothing, and you can land a high paying job much more quickly.

Step 3: Get Paid And Live Your Life

Enjoy the money that you make. Many welders make upwards of $150K/Year, and with that kind of money you can definitely enjoy your life. The best part is that you can make good money without welding apprenticeships.

So, go check out the mig welders at your local welding supplier, online, or at your closest Home Depot. You’re likely to find one for just a couple hundred bucks.

If you want to learn how to MIG weld like a pro, download my free report MIG Welding Mastery while it’s available.


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