ATTENTION MIG Welding Beginners Who Want To Learn Fast…

“How To Master MIG Welding In Half The Time, While Still Seeing Pro Results”

Now You Can Master MIG Welding For Hobby, Home Use, Or Just For Fun, Without Wasting Money On A Welding School…

FACT: You can easily cut your learning curve in half by first Mastering what are called flat position welds. If you do this the RIGHT way you can expect to see INCREDIBLE results in 90 minutes or less.

FACT: If you follow the welding advice of TV shows like Orange County Choppers, you’re putting yourself at EXTREME risk of arc burn and radiation.

FACT: You will not find this unique MIG welding training system anywhere else. It’s found exclusively here, on this page… So, keep reading…

If you’re thinking about learning to MIG weld, or you’re frustrated with your current results…

…If you’ve said to yourself… “I’ve tried this before and I just don’t have the patience to learn…”

This letter will change your mind.

Most So-Called “Experts” Make MIG Sound Way Too Complicated

Did you know that thousands of people want to learn MIG welding, but never do? Here’s why:

Many beginners think that you need to go to an expensive welding school just to learn welding as a hobby, for home use, or just for fun.

And did you know that many welding instructors are forced to rush their welding classes, and skip valuable lessons because their classrooms are OVERFLOWING with students? This leaves students scratching their heads, and wondering how all the pieces fit together.

And did you know that for whatever reason, there are EGO maniacs who troll the online forums and welding websites, making it sound like there’s some “secret” to learning how to MIG weld?

This confuses even the SMARTEST of us, and if you’ve tried to get help at these places then you know what I’m talking about.

They make it seem like you need years of experience, and if your welds aren’t absolutely PERFECT, then why even try? They belittle beginners who just want a simple way to learn MIG welding for hobby or fun, and it makes me SICK just to listen to them.

Perfection is an opinion. So, I would highly advise you not to let those people steer you away from your goal of learning to MIG weld.

But one of the things that AMAZES me the most is this…

People too often think they don’t have the time or money to learn MIG welding? This too is hog wash. As you’ll see in a second, it takes very little time and money.

Hours Of Practice Are Not Required

220px-PaulsrMillions of people have learned to MIG weld without having to pay an expensive welding school. These are home hobbyists, guys like Paul Teutul from Orange County Choppers, and car NUTS from TV shows like Horsepower TV.

How do these guys make master welds that produce projects like these?


Answer: A little bit of practice, a LOT of passion, and some simple MIG welding fundamentals that ANYONE can learn fast.

To be honest, these experts were probably knee-deep in books and training videos that showed them a step-by-step system to learn MIG welding.

And that’s exactly how I learned. I studied stacks of books and training courses, and I condensed all these secrets into a method that would work for the hobbyist, home use, and simply for people who love having fun.

LISTEN. These are the tricks and strategies I use to weld projects like fire pits, bbq pits, yard art projects and more with success. Not to belittle those who have gone to welding school, but if I had to do it all over again I would learn from the comfort of my own home.

The Answer Is Found Within the Growth Curve Principle

It’s true that you wouldn’t build a house on a weak foundation, so why risk learning to MIG weld without that same foundation.

The Growth Curve Principle is my unique method of teaching where you don’t move on to advanced techniques like welding joints and welding positions until you’ve Mastered the flat position weld.

I’ve seen this work for 5,138 beginners, and it’s all because I teach you to control the weld puddle first and foremost, and master everything else later.

In fact, here's what some real members had to say...


And here’s why it’s true that anyone between the ages of 5 and 105 can learn MIG welding fast.

According to, MIG is one of the easiest processes to learn. Most people can learn to run good beads with MIG in just a few hours. However, there is a lot more to MIG welding than just learning to run beads.”

And in my own experience, they are EXACTLY right. Anyone can learn MIG, but there are a LOT more secrets to help you do it FASTER and EASIER.

If you skip my Growth Curve Principle, you can expect to make welds that look like this: crap welds Come on, are you serious?

This is what happens when you buy a MIG welder and just decide to “figure it out” on your own. Wouldn’t you rather make MIG welds that look like this?

pretty welds

My System Simply Works While Other Methods Just Fall Short

Unlike watching a Youtube video on MIG welding, or buying a DVD from Amazon, my System doesn’t just drop you in the middle of a video with some guy welding.

Instead, I take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step in the RIGHT order. From setting up your MIG machine, to tuning it to perfection, laying your first welds, learning the welding joints and positions, and how to build KILLER projects.

I’ve seen everything else that the market has to offer, and they don’t come close to my MIG welding system. I’ve spent over 6 months and countless hours putting this system together.

It works FAST and it works EVERY TIME. You just have to be willing to practice a little. This isn’t some MAGIC solution that teaches you to MIG weld without you having to do any work.

And if someone tries to convince you otherwise, run away as fast as you can. You’re too smart for that anyways, RIGHT?

However, there is a silver lining to all of this. Practicing just a few minutes a day will get you results FAST. Just because you have to practice, it doesn’t mean long, hard hours. I believe in working smart, not hard.

This MIG Welding System Works For Men And Women Of All Ages Who Want Fast Results

As long as you are between the ages of 5 and 105, this system will work for you. In fact, if you can squeeze a lemon, then you can squeeze the trigger of a MIG gun.

But truth be told, this system is ideal for:

  • Men and women who want to MIG weld as a hobby
  • Anyone who needs to make simple repairs
  • For farm and ranch hands who need a FAST solution to learn MIG
  • For people who want to make a second income
  • For metal artists and yard art enthusiasts
  • For car, truck, or motorcycle enthusiasts who want to learn MIG for restorations
  • And many more

Look, this system is ideal for helping you weld anything. I’ve just listed a few possibilities here, but the sky is truly the limit.

Some people believe that welding is a “guy’s only” thing, but I’ve had countless women who benefited from my system. Denise was one of my members who wrote me to say…

“I give the course 5 Stars but would give it 10 if that was an option. I knew little to nothing about welding but wanted to start making some Yard Art and furniture. I Bought a MIG welder and ran across Garrett's program on YouTube. He is a good teacher, explains things well. I really do not have any negatives about the course, not sure where I would have been without it.
Thank You!!”

This MIG Welding System Works So Well Because Of My Unique “Horse Shoe” Method


I’ll get to my “Horse Shoe” method in a second, but first…

…One of the BIGGEST reasons this system has become so World Famous is due to my revolutionary teaching style. I teach at an almost 4th grade level so ANYONE can understand these powerful techniques. And just one of the many powerful techniques I teach is called my “Horseshoe Technique”, and it’s fundamental to your MIG welding success.

Here’s why:

When you are MIG welding you should use what are called “weaving” patterns. My horseshoe technique is a modified weaving pattern that produces INCREDIBLY nice looking welds that are rock-solid.

And believe me, you won’t find these techniques anywhere else.


“But it won’t work for me because I’ve tried before and failed…”

That’s a great position to be in because now you can “un-learn” all those bad habits you created the first time you failed. This system is perfect for people who have tried and failed because I reveal EXACTLY where you went wrong.

“But I’m brand new to welding….”

Most of the people who try my system have never welded a day in their life, yet just days after going through the course they FLOOD me with comments on how fast they’re progressing.

“But I Don’t Need A Course To Learn…”

You also don’t need to hire a guitar instructor to play guitar, but chances are you’ll be surfing the web soon after to find a tutorial.

Look, most people want a coach or mentor to show them how to MIG weld, but the truth is I can’t make you take action today.

“But I Don’t Have Time To Learn…”

It literally takes 10 minutes a day of practicing, and by the end of week 1 your friends and family will be SHOCKED at your skills (and you’ll probably be half way done with your first project).

You’re Gonna Feel Totally EXCITED When You Finally Master MIG Welding


Imagine this day with me…

You wake up on a Sunday morning and you scurry out to your garage. You put on your welding gloves, throw on your welding helmet, turn on your MIG machine, and you start banging out KILLER welds that look like a 30 year veteran has been doing them.

You’re gonna be mocking up your own projects, cutting your materials, and fitting-up your projects with EXACT precision.

You will be showing off your new skills to your friends and family who didn’t think you had it in you.

Basically, you will be KICKING ASS and taking names with your new MIG welding skills faster than you ever imagined.

My Motto Is: Don’t ask for ANYTHING you haven’t earned.

Most people would agree with that statement. Once you Master these skills, nobody can take them away from you. And, nobody can take away the benefits you’ll receive after you learn these skills (for example, creating a second income with your welding skills).

Everything You Need To Master MIG Welding Has Been Condensed Into This System


As Seen On...

Here's A Tiny Sample Of What You'll Get Inside...


video placeholder

So, let’s recap what we’ve learned so far:

  • • Learning to MIG weld FAST does not require you to practice long, hard hours, but rather you build your muscle memory with short practice sessions
  • • The mistake you should always AVOID is to never start welding until your machine has been tuned to perfection. This will result in much cleaner, nicer, and stronger welds.
  • • Never listen to ego maniacs who make is seem like some “magical secret” that only certain people can do really well. Remember, this is complete BULL!
  • • The solution lies in the 90 Minute MIG Mastery system using my proprietary Growth Curve Principle that lets you cut your learning curve in half, while still seeing pro results. With 6 training modules, you’ll learn faster and easier than you ever imagined.

Inside module 1 you’ll discover…

  • The differences between Arc, TIG, MIG, and Oxy Acetylene welding, and the advantages of each process
  • 6 things you MUST know about which metals to buy, and where to buy them at the cheapest price
  • The 10 essential metal working tools you NEED so you can cut metal to length and finish metal projects with ease
  • What EVERY beginner welder must know about the safety gear you will need when you start welding… like proper eye protection, what to look for in a welding helmet, and what acceptable welding clothes are
  • And this is just the start…

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be AMAZED at how close you are to welding like a pro… as you find yourself able to use the tools, fit up, and prepare to weld like a pro.

And that’s only module 1, designed to get you prepared to weld.

In module 2 of the 90 Minute MIG Mastery Course I’ll show you what Gas Metal Arc Welding is and how you can easily make beautiful and strong welds, so you can rest assured that whatever you’re welding will not only be strong, but will be beautiful as well.

In module 2 you’ll discover…

  • The #1 most important gas mixture for MIG welding… so you don’t use the wrong gas resulting in weld porosity and weak welds
  • Discover my little-known trick to prevent wasting your shielding gas, which could save you hundreds of dollars
  • My “SUPER SECRET” little cooking spray trick to make sure you aren’t constantly having to clean spatter from your welding gun
  • You’ll discover how to safely open a high pressure gas cylinder so you don’t injure yourself or those around you
  • Quickly & easily discover which welding wire to use with your MIG welder, and which size wire to use so you aren’t struggling to get enough weld build up for a sound weld
  • How to set up your MIG welder for maximum weld control so you can easily weld anything without worrying about cold welds or not getting enough weld fusion
  • How to create expert welds by setting your voltage and wire speed correctly
  • Learn the secret to AVOID getting ripped off when buying welding gas
  • And that’s just a small ‘taste’ of what’s in store for you.

Ok, so I’m really just getting started…

In module 3 I’m going to deliver some really DYNOMITE stuff.

I’m going to show you all about the weld puddle and controlling the weld… and you will get some close up video footage of me running a weld bead, so you can SEE exactly how fast your gun travel should be, and how slow to move so you get maximum weld penetration…

Inside module 3 you’ll discover…

  • The secret to heat control so you can get strong, deep penetrating welds
  • You’ll discover the secret cursive “e” motion to fill gaps when welding, so your welds get good deep penetration
  • Steel tends to pull towards the direction of a weld when it cools… pulling it out of square, but I’ll show you how to sequence your tack welds so you don’t have to worry about metal warpage
  • The truth about how far to keep your weld nozzle from the workpiece, so you get good hot starts in your welds
  • What every beginner MUST know about travel direction, and where to aim the electrode so you get a good hot weld
  • I’ll put an end to the “push vs. pull” debate and show you who’s really correct when it comes to weld travel
  • The correct voltage settings for your machine, and I’ll give you my free tracking chart so you have an immediate reminder of what voltage to use for which metal thickness
  • How to make sure you properly fit up the metal before welding, and why it could potentially cost you thousands of dollars if you don’t
  • Discover what I call the “heat curse” and how to avoid cold welds that rob your welds strength
  • The 3 reasons why beginner welders struggle to get good weld penetration resulting in poor welds
  • Learn the SECRET to why weld preparation is just as important as running a good weld bead, and I’ll show you how to properly clean the workpiece for maximum weld strength and appearance
  • And there is MUCH more (just keep reading)…

Most people who buy a MIG welder don’t have a gas cylinder (which can be pricey), but don’t let that concern you because you don’t need one to start!

Module four is all about learning to weld without using gas, and the process is known as flux core arc welding…

Inside module 4 you’ll discover…

  • Why flux core is the best “outside” welding process to use, so you can weld anything outdoors and not have to worry about shielding gas
  • Welding without gas requires you to change your welders polarity, which is very easy to do… I’ll show you how to change your welding machine’s polarity so you can create strong welds with no porosity
  • Discover which flux core wire to buy that can be used in all the welding positions
  • The “secret” to flux core wire sizes, and how to avoid picking the wrong size so you can create welds with the right amount of buildup
  • And there’s more. Lots more.

If you just learn one welding position and call it a day, you are missing the boat BIG time! Plus you will dramatically reduce the likelihood that you will make a good weld the first time.

You’re likely going to weld horizontal, vertical, flat, and overhead before it’s all said and done… and in order to do that you need to practice in all these positions.

Inside module 5 you’ll discover…

  • The trick to welding positions… including welding in the flat position, vertical position, horizontal position, and overhead… so you can be prepared to make awesome welds on any project
  • My quick and easy weaving technique for welding downhill
  • The 3 things you NEED to keep in mind when welding uphill or downhill, so you can make deep penetrating welds on projects where safety is key
  • An easy cure to keep the weld puddle from sagging when welding in the horizontal position
  • The truth about welding overhead, and how to keep the weld puddle from dripping
  • And it doesn’t stop there…

And my favorite module of the entire course is module 6.

This is where you get to apply all your new found skills and really start fabricating by mastering the welding joints.

In module 6 you’ll discover…

  • What every beginner MUST know about welding joints… including T joints, Butt joints, lap joints, and corner joints
  • The correct way to weld thick steel joints, and how to bevel the workpiece to ensure it’s strong as possible
  • Discover my secret “horse shoe” technique when welding T joints so you can prevent the weld puddle from falling down and causing weak welds
  • An easy 3 step process for welding multiple passes on a weld joint, so your joints get full penetration
  • Learn my little known “u-motion” technique when welding a lap joint so you don’t melt away the corner of the work piece, which will result in a much nicer looking weld

These MIG Welding Strategies Are 100% Unique and Can’t Be Found Anywhere Else

I’ve spent years mastering the art of MIG welding, and 6 months alone just recording this one-of-a-kind video course in full HD. Now, you could try wading through hundreds of pages of training materials, and watching endless hours of boring instructional videos…

… But why would you when I’ve done all the hard work for you.

You will just sit back, press the play button, and watch as I seamlessly take you through all the tips, tricks and strategies I’ve learned over the years.

However, I Certainly Can’t Take All The Credit For This System

I learned my MIG welding skills from some of the SMARTEST and most brilliant MIG welders out there. I owe much of what I know about welding and metal work to them.

As unique as this program is, I wouldn’t have been able to help over 5,138 beginners get started MIG welding fast without the help of these Masters.

Being humble is a truly important trait that I highly value, and so I thought it was only right that you know I give much of my success to those who helped me.

And needless to say…

Go At This Alone And You WILL End Up Confused and Frustrated

You are welcome to leave this page and go at this alone, but here’s what will happen if you do that. You will get completely lost and confused when you start, and you’ll waste time that you’ll never get back.

People see the simplistic approach of 90 Minute MIG Mastery, and think they can just do it alone without all the strategies I teach.

In fact, one of my customers Rich Hartman tried to go at this alone and even spent $199 on another course that only led to frustration. After beating his head against the wall in ANGER, he reached out to me for some help. See, you could risk trying to learn MIG welding by yourself by watching Youtube videos, or wasting your time learning bad techniques.

This could actually back fire because bad MIG welding techniques are hard to fix once you’ve learned them.

However, why would you want to when for a tiny price you can save time and money, and shortcut your learning curve with my step-by-step approach to learning MIG welding.


This Is NOT For Everyone

  • If you are expecting this training course to certify you as a professional welder, then this course is NOT for you. While it’s true that you can take these skills and further your career, it’s designed for the home hobbyist, and anyone who wants to use MIG welding to have fun and make money.
  • If you have a negative outlook on life and complain about everything that isn’t perfect, then this course isn’t for you. While this course does deliver some FANTASTIC training on MIG welding, it isn’t perfect.
  • If the thought of spending $67 terrifies you, then you are definitely not a good fit. I’ve made this course so affordable that it’s really a drop in the bucket, but for those of you who aren’t willing to invest in yourselves then please leave this page now. Besides, you’ll pay for this course in a day with the money you’ll save by NOT paying a welding shop.
  • If you don’t believe in your ability to learn MIG welding and think “Well, I would love to learn but my situation is different.” In that case, I’m not sure there is anything I can do to change your mind. I can’t help someone with that attitude, so it wouldn’t be a good fit if you joined.
  • Or if you are a Master at buying training courses that you never use, then please don’t bother with this course. It’s the best course on the market for MIG welding, but it won’t do you any good if it goes unused.


This Simple System Will Open Your Mind To New Dreams and Possibilities

C.S. Lewis said it best “You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream”.

If you believe in this quote like I do, then you are a FANTASTIC fit for this course. This training course is all about believing in yourself, dreaming BIG, and accomplishing the goals you set out to accomplish.

And it’s all about getting it done FAST without all the frustration.

The great business mogul Andrew Carnegie said

“People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.”

The 90 Minute MIG Mastery training system will work for you, GUARANTEED, and it doesn’t matter what you’ve tried before.

CS Lewis

Why it’s only $67

When I shared my MIG welding techniques with some close friends of mine, and saw how fast and easy they picked it up, they URGED me to start helping others.

I was reluctant and said no at first. However, they wouldn’t shut up about it, so I finally caved in. Yet, I stuck to my guns and made a vow that if I was going to create a MIG welding course, it would produce the best results possible for the tiniest investment. You know, the biggest BANG for your buck, so literally anyone can afford to learn MIG welding QUICKLY and EASILY.

I know what it’s like to struggle, so when I started this my goal was to help as many people as I possibly could learn MIG welding.

LOOK, if you’ve read this far, you can probably already feel how this could change your life in the BEST way possible. And I bet you can already imagine what itʼs going to feel like to wake up in the morning and know that youʼre doing something you love, without spending a lot of money to do it.

If I don’t get you results, I don’t deserve your money. The tiny amount I’m asking you to invest today is nothing… and you’re going to have no problem paying it.

Honestly, this is the only program like it in existence, so there’s nothing to compare it to… so let’s just think about the alternatives you could try…

You could try attending a welding school that costs $20,000 to gain access to the same knowledge I’m teaching right here…

Trying to learn on your own might seem like a better option…

But, you will likely spend money on stuff you don’t even need to get started, and you’ll be beating your head against the wall trying to learn these tips and tricks.

Not to mention the many safety hazards of trying to weld if you don’t know what you’re doing…

Let me ask you this: Years from now, when you’re looking back, how are you going to feel if you could have learned a skill that will bring you years of enjoyment and give you an opportunity to make good money, but didn’t choose to learn the simple skill of MIG welding?

How are you going to feel if you could have learned a skill like welding that could give you enjoyment and money at the same time… how would you feel if you had more FUN in your life… been more fulfilled and HAPPIER because you were doing what you love and making more money doing it?

And You’re Covered By My Famous 100% Money-Back Guarantee


Satisfaction Guarantee

Guarantee 1: Try the 90 Minute MIG Mastery Course Today.

If at any time in the next 60 days you don’t believe deep in your heart that this is worth way more than the small investment that I ask you to make today, simply write an email to me or my help desk and I’ll promptly give you 100% of your money back.

Personally, the way I was raised I don’t think I deserve your money unless I get you incredible results.

Guarantee 2: If you don’t think my level of SERVICE is great, or, heck… even if you don’t like the way I look in my training videos, I’ll give you 100% of your money back.

That’s the way I do business, and the way I want people to do business with me, so I personally guarantee you that if you aren’t 200% satisfied I’ll give you your money back… no questions asked and we’ll part as friends.


Honestly the way this is set up you could totally rip me off. You could buy the product today and get great results with it and ask for your money back, and you would get your money back.

And I’m not really afraid of that, because I think that when you see the results you’re going to get with the 90 Minute MIG Mastery video course you’re going to be so blown away.

Take FULL Advantage Of This Price Today

Since I’m doing a market test right now to see if a lower price will sell more units, you can take full advantage of the discount.

Market Test Price Breakdown

This Course Has Sold For As High As $97

Your Price Today: $67

If you’re anything like the HUNDREDS of others who have benefited from the 90 Minute MIG Mastery Video Course, you’re interested in learning a skill that can bring you tons of pleasure… and make you lots of money if you choose.

Which is why, as my special gift to you today, I want to give you 7 astonishing bonuses that will help you FAST-TRACK your MIG welding skills. Plus, I wanted to make this a no-brainer decision for you today.

Check Out These BONUS Gifts I Prepared For You

Bonus #1: Ninja Trick To Tune Your Welder

In this bonus video I’ll show you an advanced ninja trick to tune your wire feed and voltage so your welds come out PERFECT every time.

Bonus #2: Cutting and Grinding Mastery

In this bonus video I’ll show you how to use angle grinders, cut off wheels, band saws, and a cutting torch so you can cut metal to length, grind metal for a smooth finish, and make sure your project is awesome.

Bonus #3: Work Table Project

Step by step walk-through showing you how to build an awesome work table, so you can have work space to mount a vice, drill press, bench grinder, or anything you need it for.

Bonus #4: Plasma Power

In this video course I’m going to show you all about plasma cutters, how to cut with a plasma cutter, and the advantages of plasma cutters over oxy acetylene torches.

Bonus #5: Propane Cooker Project

In this bonus video I’ll show you how to build a simple propane cooker so you can cook your favorite foods in the great outdoors! Cook a quick and easy stew, fry fish, and hundreds of your favorite foods.

Bonus #6: Roller Stand Project

In this bonus video project I’ll show you how to build an adjustable support stand for your welding projects! This will make it SUPER quick and easy for you to adjust the height of your workpieces when cutting and welding.

Bonus #7: Welding Cart Project

A welding cart is an absolute MUST HAVE when you begin welding because you need to mobilize yourself when starting a welding project.

This video will show you in detail how to build your first welding cart, right down to the dimensions you need to use, how to cut the angle iron, how to frame up the cart so it’s square, how to attach the wheels, and a LOT more.

But You Really Do Have To Act NOW…

As I said this course has sold for $97, but you can access it today for just $67.

I’m really just testing it out at this price, I want to see what happens while it’s at this price and you can take advantage of me while I’m doing that.

I really care about my customers and helping beginners discover how to weld like a pro… that’s why I’m going to give you this incredible no-brainer offer.

Just $67 to learn how to start MIG welding just sounds unbelievable to me compared to the benefits you will get.

You’ve Got A Really SIMPLE Choice To Make…

Right now, as you read this, it’s likely that you know what you need to do… and it’s something your passionate about, and that you’ll have the opportunity to make more money with. And when you think about it, you really have THREE options.

Option 1: DO NOTHING. Stop reading now, leave this site behind and keep doing what you’re doing now. Keep putting this off and telling yourself that you can’t learn to weld. Keep doing something that doesn’t fulfill you at your deepest levels.

Honestly, if you’ve read this far it shows me that you’re really interested in learning how to weld but you haven’t taken that next step. So doing nothing just isn’t an option at all.

Option 2: Take what you learned in this letter and try to “Figure Out” how to weld on your own.

You can try this, but I can tell you from my experience it took me years to figure out how to weld with confidence and with success, and it’s really not a good idea.

PLUS it’s WAY too easy for you to mess up while you’re experimenting, start out with bad welding habits and they’re hard to fix later, and you’ll actually be in a WORSE spot than before you started.

I don’t want that for you anymore than you do.

And then there’s option 3:

100% risk free do what so many thousands of others have before you, gain INSTANT ACCESS to the 90 Minute MIG Mastery Video Course and weld with the BEST of them, without spending an arm and a leg… without having your own shop, and without having to quit your job to learn how…

And become yet another one of my long line of successful stories…

When you think about it it’s a pretty easy choice to make, isn’t it?

And all you have to do to get started is…

Click the big ADD TO CART button that you see below. You’ll be granted INSTANT ACCESS to the 90 Minute MIG Mastery Program and ALL of the bonuses that will teach you how to weld like an expert in no time flat.

When you make this SMART decision, here’s what awaits you…

  • You have the confidence to make jaw-dropping welds
  • You gain control over you MIG welder, and Master any project
  • You QUICKLY and EASILY make home repairs
  • You make a second income FAST
  • Or you simply enjoy your new skills, and have a hobby that you’re passionate about for years to come

This Course Has Sold For: $97

Your Price: $67

Click the big ADD TO CART button now to receive this discounted price, PLUS all 7 bonus gifts (If you wait, these bonuses will be gone).

Act Fast To Get This Discounted Price...

I know you’re going to have incredible results like so many have before you. I can’t wait to get your email talking about how simple and inexpensive it was for you to get started, and how amazing you are at MIG welding.

The next move is up to you. I’ve shown you that 90 Minute MIG Mastery is as risk-free that an offer can be. You and I both know that if you’ve read this far in the letter, you’re seriously interested in learning to MIG weld and build amazing projects, make repairs, work on automobiles, and thousands of other things. All that’s left to do now is take action.


My welding pic





My Name Cursive



Garrett Strong

P.S. If you don’t take action today, chances are you’ll never take action. It’s like my grandmother used to tell me… “When you procrastinate, you give up on yourself.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.I’ve tried to weld using a stick welder but my welds were very sloppy. Will MIG welding be easier for me to learn?

    A.Learning how to weld using a stick welder is much trickier and takes more time to perfect. MIG weld makes it VERY easy for anyone, men and women of all ages, to start welding in very little time. And it takes a fraction of the time to perfect your welds when using a MIG welder.

  • Q.I don’t have the money to invest in a welding course. Should I just go at it alone?

    A.A welding school will charge you upwards of $20,000 to attend their full program, and just 1 semester could cost you $4,000 or more. The $67 I’m asking you to invest is so minimal compared to that, it’s a no-brainer.

  • Q.Do I really need a training course to learn how to MIG weld?

    A.Do you really need to pay a guitar instructor to learn how to play the guitar? No, but all the most accomplished guitar players in the world admit that they had some sort of instructor or mentor to help them.

    Anyone can buy a MIG welder and start welding, but if you don’t first learn the fundamentals like how to weld joints, how to weld in all the positions, how to sequence your tack welds, etc. then you’re going to have a hard time.

  • Q.I don’t have hours to spend trying to learn how to weld. How long does it really take to get good?

    A.MIG welding is by far the fastest and easiest welding process to learn. It’s really a matter of putting the electrode to the workpiece and pulling the trigger. The hard part is learning how to manipulate the weld puddle so your welds get good penetration and turn out strong.

  • Q.I’ve been ripped off before. How do I know you’ll deliver what you are promising?

    A.I stand by my 60 Day money back guarantee. Quite frankly with the overwhelming amount of social proof and evidence around the success of every customer who buys 90 Minute MIG Mastery, I really don’t need to offer any guarantee at all.

    However, to eliminate any possible reason why someone might hesitate in buying the course out of fear the program won’t work for them… I’m offing a full 60 day money back guarantee.

    If at any time within 60 days or purchase you don’t believe deep in your heart that 90 Minute MIG Mastery is worth way more than the small investment that I’ll ask you to make, simply write an email to me and I’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.

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