Garrett Strong

First, thanks for checking out this page.

I always thought it was kind of cool that people wanted to know a little more about me.

On this page, you’ll discover a brief overview of my life, including why I do what I do… people I’ve helped… results I’ve gotten… and how I could possibly help you out.

That might be through my products, through my free reports & videos, or maybe reading my blog posts. That’s up to you.

Either way, I hope you enjoy

My Story

Growing up – literally as far back as I can remember – I loved to work with my hands and I would stick to something until I got it perfect. I am a bit of a perfectionist. I remember being about 7 or 8 years old building a bridge across the creek in my backyard that was so solid my 250 lb father walked across it without thinking twice.

I’m not sure why but I have always been a risk taker, which is probably why my public school teaching career didn’t stick. Life seems boring to me if I’m not taking risks. So I learn new hobbies to keep my mind going.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that I would be helping thousands of people just like you learn how to weld from their own homes, in their spare time, and without any prior knowledge of welding.

Welding really struck a chord with me, and I’ve been passionately doing it for almost 9 years now.

The first time I lit an oxy acetylene torch and started welding my first weld bead I was hooked!

My fascination with welding eventually led me to start welding with the other welding processes. I quickly found that welding with an arc welding process like MIG (metal inert gas) is the best route for beginners to learn quickly with.

Because of my prior experience learning to weld, I realized there really wasn’t any quality welding training for beginners in an online video format. I mean, I found several resources for professional welders, but not much for beginners who want step-by-step “hold your hand” instructions on how to start welding.

This led me to create MakeMoneyWelding.com so I can help all those beginners and hobbyists out there who want to learn welding fast, without having to sort through all the garbage.

Results I’ve Gotten Beginners

I’ve helped over 5,000 members learn how to MIG weld from home, and use those welding skills to build projects they couldn’t have imagined before they began.

I’ve also been featured on the Longevity Welders website in the video training section, and have gotten hundreds of thousands of views on my Youtube channel.

Of the thousands of members I’ve helped, here are a few welding projects that people have sent me over the years.