Master The Art of MIG Welding
In Just 90 Minutes

WELD FAST! Get started in Under 90 minutes

NO EXPERIENCE: Learn from scratch

FOR BEGINNERS: Learn at your own pace

FIRST PROJECT: Easy, 3-step approach

4 Reasons MIG Welding is for Beginners

1. MIG Welding Produces NO Slag

MIG welders produce much nicer and cleaner welds than stick welding because there’s no dirty slag to chip away after making a weld.

2. You Can Easily See The Weld Puddle

It’s VERY important to be able to see the weld puddle when you’re first learning. MIG welders allow you to easily watch the weld puddle so you can learn to easily make beautiful, strong welds.

3. MIG Welders Are User Friendly

It’s no secret that MIG welders are simple to use once you’ve got them set up correctly. There’s no other hassle-free welding method nearly as efficient and as capable as a MIG welder.

4. It Does Not Produce Dirty, Unhealthy Smoke

If you want a clean welding process and you don’t want to breathe in dirty smoke, then MIG welding is the answer

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What’s Included

Module 1: Intro to Welding

In module one I will flat out show you my simple “WELD PREP STEPS”.

I’ll show you the basics of metal (and where to get it for cheap), the tools you will need to get started (it’s not a a lot), an overview of the welding processes, all about welding rods and wires, metal cleaning, weld preparation, and most importantly SAFETY… and I’ll show you all of this without spending lots of money and without wasting time digging through books and videos trying to learn all this stuff.

Module Breakdown

  1. Intro To Welding
  2. Overview Of Welding Processes
  3. Metal Basics
  4. Welding & Metal Working Tools
  5. Welding Safety
Module 2: Intro to Gas Metal Arc Welding

In module 2 of the 90 Minute MIG Mastery Course, I’ll show you what Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) is and how you can easily make beautiful and strong welds, so you can rest assured that whatever you’re welding will not only be strong but will be beautiful as well.

Module Breakdown

  1. Intro To GMAW
  2. Your MIG Machine
  3. Voltage and Wire Speed
  4. Polarity
  5. Shielding Gas
  6. GMAW Welding Wires
  7. Electrode Stickout
  8. Weld Spatter
Module 3: The Weld Puddle

In module 3 I’m going to show you all about the weld puddle and controlling the weld… and you will get some close-up video footage of me running a weld bead so you can see exactly how fast your gun travel should be, and how slow to move so you get maximum weld penetration…

Module Breakdown

  1. The Weld Puddle
  2. Weld Preparation
  3. Weld Bead Types
  4. Behind The Lens View
  5. Pushing Vs Pulling
  6. Getting Good Weld Penetration
  7. Burn Through Vs. Cold Welds
  8. Porosity
  9. The Break Test
  10. Troubleshooting
Module 4: Intro to Flux Core Arc Welding

Module four is all about learning to weld without using gas, and the process is known as flux core arc welding…

Course Breakdown

  1. Intro To FCAW
  2. FCAW Polarity
  3. Flux Core Welding Wires
  4. Joint Preparation
  5. Pressure Rollers
  6. Travel Direction
  7. FCAW Behind The Lens
Module 5: Welding Positions

If you just learn one welding position and call it a day, you are missing the boat BIG time! Plus you will dramatically reduce the likelihood that you will make a good weld the first time.

You’re going to find that once you start that first project, you will use all of the welding positions.

You’re likely going to weld horizontal, vertical, flat, and overhead before it’s all said and done… and in order to do that you need to practice in all these positions.

Course Breakdown

  1. Intro To Welding Positions
  2. Flat Position
  3. Vertical Down
  4. Horizontal Position
  5. Overhead Position
Module 6: Intro to Welding Joints

In this module, you’ll learn all about the basic welding joints you’ll need to be able to perform so you can start tackling your own projects.

Course Breakdown

  1. Intro To Welding Joints
  2. Overview Of Welding Joints
  3. Butt Joints
  4. Lap Joints
  5. T Joints
  6. Corner Joints
  7. Square Tubing To Plate
  8. Square Tubing To Square Tubing
Bonus Content

Here are some videos I have added post launching this course.

I decided to give them away for free to my members. Occasionally I add more.

There are over 2 hours of content here alone.


  • Project Building a Welding Cart
  • Project: Building a Work Table
  • Project: Building an Adjustable Roller Stand
  • Project: Building a Propane Cooker
  • Cutting and Grinding Mastery
  • Ninja Trick To Tune Your Voltage and Wire Speed
  • How to use a Plasma Cutter
  • Welding/Bending Jig
  • 3 Mistakes Beginners Make

What Some Members Have Made

My members have sent me all sorts of projects they’ve completed after going through my training course.
They include welding carts, furniture, metal art, iron railings, and more.


What equipment will I need for this course?

You will need:

  • MIG welder / Flux-core welder (a lot of machines are capable of both)
  • MIG / Flux wire
  • MIG pliers
  • Shielding gas – 75/25% mix Argon/Co2 (if MIG welding). No gas is required for flux-core welding.
  • Safety equipment:
    • Welding helmet
    • Welding gloves
    • Welding apron/overalls
  • Scrap metal to practice with
Do I need any experience in welding to take this course?

No. This course is designed for complete beginners, running you through the very basics from setting up your welder, welding safety, and making welds correctly.

I have some welding experience, will I learn anything new?

This depends on how much experience you have. This course will make a great refresher of the basics if you haven’t welded in some time or are still a beginner.

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