Make Money Welding with These 5 “Weird” Welding Projects

If you’d like to make money welding, you don’t have to attend a welding school or be a veteran welder.

There are many simple projects that can fill your pockets with cash, and you can fabricate these right from your own home. The projects I’m about to reveal have probably never crossed your mind, but when you see them I think a light bulb will go off in your mind.

Hi, my name is Garrett Strong…

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With that said, let’s take a look at 5 of the most unique welding projects you can do to make money welding.

5 Weird Projects To Make Money Welding

Welding Project #1: Metal Cactus

I was recently eating lunch at a local Mexican Restaurant and I noticed something that shocked me, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It was a metal prickly pear cactus that stood all the way from the floor to the ceiling. I didn’t get a picture of it, but I found a smaller and somewhat similar version of one online.make-money-welding-metal-cactus

It was pushed over into the corner of the restaurant. My first thought was “holy crap” that’s cool. My second thought was “how long did that take?’

I imagined that for someone who is making these and selling them to restaurants, or at trade shows, they’ve probably got a system down to make one quickly. More quickly than someone doing it for the first time anyways.

If you’ve been welding or working with metal for any time at all, then you know that you can’t help but check out the welds on railings, bumpers, etc. It’s just out of habit and out of respect for a great weld. But this cactus… this thing had SHOCK appeal.

I can only imagine the price tag he put on that thing. $7,000… $10,000… or more. You definitely don’t build one of those to have a bidding war with someone. It’s so unique and one of a kind that someone is going to pay you the asking price. Sure, you’ll get some low ball offers on something like that, but with one off projects, you make the rules. Not the buyer.

Same with this one. It’s just a different variation on a cactus, but it’s incredible. Better put this one where no kids can fall on it.

make-money-welding-metal-cactus-2Welding Project #2: Nuts n Bolts Artwork

I can’t help but admire the creative minds who come up with some of these welding projects. Literally, they see an old pipe wrench, some chain, and a few bolts and a dinosaur appears in their make-money-welding-metal-dinosaurmind. “How in the hell did you come up with that?”, I say to myself.

But again, it’s a one off idea that people can’t really negotiate with on price.

People have grown sick of mass produced junk, so if your business can revolve around selling things that nobody else in the world has, it makes the value of it EXPLODE in the buyers mind.

You can go to a junk yard and find a wheel barrow of stuff you can use, and walk away without paying much at all.

Then put your unique touch on it, do some heating and beating, a few welds, and you have something incredible. The important thing is to make whatever piece you’re building into a “SHOCK value” piece. Something out of the ordinary.

I can’t imagine this dinosaur project taking longer than 4 or 5 hours, but it’s the imagination behind it that makes it valuable. I’ll bet they slapped a $150 price tag on that.

Here are just a couple more examples of how junk yard garbage can be your gold.

make-money-welding-metal-dog-2Remember, if you go to a hobby store to buy something like this dog, the expectation is that you wouldn’t pay more than $30 for it because there’s nothing unique about it. It’s mass produced, and your neighbor probably has the same one sitting right in their living room.

However, when someone sees an individual selling something like this they have a mind shift. Immediately they expect to pay more for it because it’s a one off project.

There are so many different ways to make money welding from home it’s mind boggling. Just go to Google and do a search for metal art. There aren’t enough hours in the day to go through everything you’ll uncover.

Welding Project #3: Unique Propane Cooker

This next make money welding project is for those of you who like to cook on a propane grill.make-money-welding-propane-cooker

What’s cool about this project is that all you need is an old car rim, and some pipe or square tubing to hold it up (Wok sold separately).

It might not look like something that would be a big money maker, but when you consider you can probably get a load of old car rims for pennies on the dollar, build it in 4 hours, and put a $70 price tag on it that’s not bad.

You could even make the Wok out of pipe ends, and sell the whole package for $125 or something.

There’s just not end to what you can do. I mentioned earlier that if you want to make money welding projects then you should make them unique, but I also think they should be something that appeals to a large audience.

Again, either SHOCK value or something you can do that appeals to a lot of people.

This next item I think could be one of the biggest money makers of all.

Welding Project #4: Coffee Table with A Twist

If you want to amaze people, give them something they can use as an in-home decor item.

make-money-welding-metal-tablePeople are always searching for ways to make their homes more appealing, and if there’s a talking piece that would blow their guests away, many people go gaga over it.

I would like to have seen this welded table in the form of a coffee table. I just think something like this would be great in the living room in front of a couch, or maybe for a man room. With a sheet of glass on top I think it would be the perfect talking piece. Remember, it has SHOCK value.

Just look at how simple of an idea it is, but also how unique it is.

You’ll never see another one like it in your lifetime, and I’ll bet you could slap a $300 price tag on it with no problem. Of course, you’ll want to test out selling these items in different markets.

I wouldn’t just slap up a booth on the side of a road somewhere, although with a sign that says “metal art” you may attract a lot of visitors. I would definitely test out selling these items at places people go to with the intention of spending money like art shows, craft shows, antique shows, etc.

My goal in this post was to provide you with some make money welding projects that anyone can do, that wouldn’t be too complex of involved.

So, this last one takes very few materials, but the payoff could be huge.

I’m talking about making human figurines.

Welding Project #5: Welded Human Figurines

The reason I think these are so great is because they just have an immediate appeal. It’s the human element that adds everything. This first one passes both tests. It’s both unique and has a mass appeal. Who doesn’t own a set of salt and pepper shakers?make-money-welding-metal-figurine

I’ve actually made a simple version of one of these figurines out of a coat hanger,  a nut, and a washer. It was a man walking a tight wire. I had it on my mantle at home, and it was definitely a talking piece.

I’ll bet something like this would fetch $40 or so, and would only take you a couple hours to make.

This next one is a bit more challenging, but it’s very cool.

make-money-welding-metal-figurine-2How cool is that?

It looks like he went digging through his scrap junk drawer, pulled out some items, and just went from there.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some great ideas from it.

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  • Shane

    Reply Reply November 8, 2017

    Great read! I love these types of projects and have become proficient in this crazy art style. I’m currently a certified welder and started making these when I was in welding courses in college. People started noticing right away the metal scuptures I was making and at first 2 people wanted to buy them and after 2 weeks the personal requests rolled in! Most were just; all thread, nuts, and wire. Cost was no more than $10 for enough material for 5+ figures and would sell for $20-$40 depending on how intricate the figure. Definitely going to have to try out the grill! Thanks for the fantastic article!

    • Garrett S.

      Reply Reply December 1, 2017

      Hey Shane, very cool. There is money to be made with these projects.

  • Roberta Youmans

    Reply Reply May 6, 2017

    My good friend and only helper mentioned a Mig Welder. He mentioned he did a lot with one for his mom, saving a lot of money on outside work (gates) etc. and inside.
    My deceased husband had one but was stolen, but he got so much use with it and I still have most of the items needed with one.
    My friend, Daniel, Said I could purchase one for around a hundred dollars.
    After looking at some of the things one can do like welded figures etc, we could both benefit from one!!
    Enjoyed your detailed article explaining EVERYTHING iwnted to know before investing in one.

    • Garrett S.

      Reply Reply May 15, 2017

      Hi Roberta,

      MIG welding is certainly the easiest process to learn. It will come in so useful as a skill. All sorts of ideas will start to come to mind.

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