How To Weld Projects Like A Pro, Even If You’re Just Starting Out

Are you a beginner who want to learn how to weld projects fast?


I’m Garrett Strong with

In this welding project I want to share with you how to weld projects as simple as this coat rack.

Simple welding project ideas like this can take you as little as 1 hour to do, and you can sell them for cash.

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Weld Projects: Follow Along To Build This Simple Coat Rack Project

To start with I was using the Longevity MIGWeld 140 for this welding project. I recommend this welder for beginners because it’s good and very affordable.

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I started off with a piece of 24 gauge flat bar. I ground down the mill scale and cut the corner off with a cut off wheel to give it a nice design. I kept the ends flat.

I then cut 3 pieces of round bar (2 five inch pieces, 1 6 inch piece). I took the grinder and narrowed down the ends of the round bar.

I put each piece of the round bar into my bending jig and made a bend.

I just inserted the round bar into the jig and bent it using a piece of pipe.


I measured directly in the middle of the workpiece to attach the 6″ hook.

I’m usingΒ  a welding magnet to hold vertical so I can get it tack welded on.

I’m doing the same for the other 2 pieces.

Almost done.

I cut some holes with the cutting torch so I can attach it to the wall.

That’s it!

See, I told you it was a simple project. Now all it needs is paint and the wife will let me hang it. πŸ™‚

If you’re a beginner looking to weld projects for fun, this might be a good place to start.

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