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Today I want to show you how to make an extremely simple beginners bending jig for bending round bar.

This bending jig is one of the welding basics all beginners should have.

Step #1: I started with a piece of 1/4″ thick steel plate about 2″ wide by 5″ long.

 photo bendingjig1_zps46b0bade.png

Step #2: I then cut a couple of pieces of round tubing about 3″ long.

 photo bendingjig2_zpsb195c84e.png
Step #3: I used a welding magnet to hold one piece of tubing in a 90 degree position to be welded.

 photo bendingjig3_zpsaf82371c.png
Step #4: In this step I simply tack welded the tubing in place so I could remove the magnet.

 photo bendingjig4_zpse0f85451.png
Step #5: Next I went ahead and did a full weld all the way around the tubing. It’s important that you get a good, hot weld because there will be a lot of pressure against the 2 pieces of tubing.

 photo bendingjig5_zpsbd0da223.png
Step #7: To bend round bar with this bender simply get a long piece of thick walled round tubing and insert the round bar into the tubing.

 photo bendingjig7_zpsd639b529.png
Step #8: Next you can start to make your bend. You will need to make sure you have some space to do the bending. I have mine mounted to my welding table and it’s a very heavy table so it won’t budge.

 photo bendingjig8_zps0b13b975.png
Step #9: Here’s the final bend

 photo bendingjig9_zpsc24245be.png

I hope you enjoyed this bending jig. It’s truly one of the welding basics that all beginners will use time and time again.

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