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Some welding project ideas you come up with are naturally going to need a welding jig to complete it. Welding jigs are simple to make and help you weld projects much easier.

These welding project plans are a simple way to make your own 90 degree welding jig for your next project.

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Welding Project Ideas – 90 Degree Corner Jig Project

You can use any size angle iron for this welding jig. This is a 1″ x 1″ piece of angle iron, but depending on your welding project ideas you may want to use a bigger one.

 photo cornerjig1_zps14dee072.png

I cut 2 pieces of rectangular steel just as an example.

 photo cornerjig2_zpsdcc1c789.png

Clamp the first piece securely to the angle iron.

 photo cornerjig3_zps755936e3.png

And the second piece.

 photo cornerig4_zpsa7855942.png

Now we can tack weld each end to hold it firmly in place.

 photo cornerjig6_zps9810a077.png


 photo cornerjig5_zps8d73ca9a.png

Welding the corner joint. Don’t forget to turn the voltage and wire speed down on the corner joint.

 photo cornerjig7_zps98bcf57b.png

And that’s how you make a 90 degree corner jig.

 photo cornerjig8_zpsea2237eb.png

Admittedly this is an amazingly simple project, but it might come in handy for one of your next welding project ideas.

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