How To Build A Simple Welding Jig

Some welding project ideas you come up with are naturally going to need a welding jig to complete it.

Welding jigs are simple to make and help you weld projects much easier.

These welding project plans are a simple way to make your own 90-degree welding jig for your next project.

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90 Degree Corner Jig Project

You can use any size angle iron for this welding jig.

This is a 1″ x 1″ piece of angle iron, but depending on your welding project ideas you may want to use a bigger one.

I cut 2 pieces of rectangular steel just as an example.

Clamp the first piece securely to the angle iron.

And the second piece.

Now we can tack weld each end to hold it firmly in place.

Welding the corner joint. Don’t forget to turn the voltage and wire speed down on the corner joint.

And that’s how you make a 90 degree corner jig.

Admittedly this is an amazingly simple project, but it might come in handy for one of your next welding project ideas.

Author: Garrett Strong

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