Best 250 Amp MIG Welders (in 2023)

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Welding thick steel and aluminum requires high amperage output. But having a MIG welder with 250A of power is only half the battle. You may also need specific features and functions depending on your intended work.

This article reviews the best 250A MIG welders and details the kind of work that suits each best. There are numerous 250A machines on the market, but only a few offer a good mix of value, features, and durability. So, let’s dive in!

A Quick Comparison

Image Product Details
Best Bang For Buck 250A MIG Welder
Eastwood MIG 250
Eastwood MIG 250


High duty cycle

3-Year warranty

Best budget 250A MIG welder
YesWelder MIG-250 PRO
YesWelder MIG-250 PRO

Meager cost

Spool-gun support


Best portable 250A MIG Welder for Professionals
Everlast Power MIG 275P
Everlast Power MIG 275P

Pulse-MIG support


5-Year warranty

Best budget transformer MIG welder for shop
Hobart IronMan 240
Hobart IronMan 240


Excellent arc quality

Made in the USA

Best all-around MIG welder for shop
Lincoln Electric Power MIG 260
Lincoln Electric Power MIG 260


7-inch display


Best 250A MIG welder for reliability
Millermatic 252
Millermatic 252

10-Years old

Transformer core

Highest arc and build quality

Best 250 Amp MIG Welder Reviews

We focused on professional-grade welders since 250A MIG machines endure a lot of stress. Welding with such high amperage outputs increases the strain on internal components.

But we did not forget you if you are not a professional. Our first two picks are affordable and work well for hobbyists and small shops.

1. Eastwood MIG 250

Eastwood MIG 250
  • 120/240V input
  • Inverter-based and lightweight at mere 46 lbs
  • Quick feed button for manual wire feeding
  • Spool gun support
  • 60% duty cycle at 250A output


  • Excellent build and arc quality at this price
  • USA brand with a long history and helpful customer support
  • Welds up to 1/2-inch steel
  • It supports a spool gun for aluminum
  • Includes a quality Trafimet MIG torch
  • Portable
  • 100% duty cycle at 194A and 60% at 250A output
  • Supports wire diameters up to 0.045 in.
  • 3-Year warranty


  • No digital display
  • It doesn’t support any advanced functions
  • Short leads
  • Low maximum wire feeding speed compared to other brands
  • Doesn’t support larger spools than 10 in.


The Eastwood MIG 250 is an inexpensive, powerful MIG welder designed for shop welding or demanding hobbyists. However, its low cost means fewer features than other machines on our list. Still, most people don’t require all the advanced functions. But when low price and longevity are preferred, the Eastwood MIG 250 provides just that.

Eastwood is a USA brand established in 1978 and has excellent customer support. With a 3-year warranty, this well-made 250A MIG Eastwood machine costs a fraction of the Miller, Hobart, or Lincoln. It’s a steal, to be honest.

The strong 60% duty cycle at 250A lets you weld continuously for six minutes before you need to let it cool. However, the Eastwood MIG 250 can also weld indefinitely at 194A. That’s fantastic considering the price and build quality. Many entry-level brands claim a high duty cycle, but Eastwood also backs it up with a strong warranty.

However, if you run a professional welding shop, you may need more features. But other welders in our list offer features like digital displays, automatic settings, inductance control, pulse-MIG, and more.

2. YesWelder MIG-250 PRO

YesWelder MIG-250 PRO
  • Loaded with functions for advanced arc control
  • Besides MIG, it supports DC TIG and stick welding
  • Synergic MIG automatically adjusts voltage and wire feed speed
  • Large digital display
  • Spool gun ready
  • 60% duty cycle at 250A output, 100% at 193A


  • Decent build quality for a low-cost machine
  • Extra-large digital display with high contrast
  • Intuitive controls
  • Long duty cycle
  • Manual and automatic settings
  • Supports Inductance, arc force, and hot start adjustability
  • Multi-process machine
  • Ultra-light at just 22 lbs
  • DINSE connectors are a plus at this price


  • Wire drive is challenging to access
  • Low maximum wire feeding speed
  • Larger spools than 10 in. are not supported
  • Doesn’t support a bigger steel wire diameter than 0.035 in.
  • 220V input only


The YesWelder MIG-250 PRO has a lesser build quality and shorter warranty than the Eastwood MIG 250. But, it’s far less costly and provides features that even the top brands don’t.

This MIG welder works best for hobbyists. It’s affordable, has a decent build quality, and includes many functions. However, professional shops can also benefit from the YesWelder MIG-250 PRO, as long as you don’t push it to its limits daily. Low price is attractive, but don’t expect a welder that costs five times less than Miller’s Millermatic 252 to endure a similar workload.

Since this welder supports DC TIG, MIG, FCAW, and SMAW welding processes and comes with advanced settings for arc control, DINSE connectors, and a spool gun, it’s one of the best budget MIG welders on the market. Plus, a large digital display, low weight, and excellent duty cycle make it competitive with the big brands.

However, we still recommend the Eastwood 250 MIG as the best among the budget line of 250A MIG welders because of dual-voltage input, better durability, and lengthy warranty. But, the YesWelder is a feature-rich and lower-priced alternative. You can save 10% with the discount code “WELDGURU10” that was found online.

3. Everlast Power MIG 275P

Everlast Power MIG 275P
  • Unique Pulse-MIG that pulses voltage instead of wire feed speed
  • Supports spool gun and push-pull systems
  • Spot and stick timers
  • Heavy-duty 4-roller wire feed mechanism
  • Includes a myriad of functions for arc control and welding efficiency
  • Automatic and manual controls
  • 50% duty cycle at 275A output


  • Excellent arc quality
  • Inexpensive
  • Supports MIG, FCAW, and SMAW welding
  • Pulse-MIG feature is highly beneficial to professionals
  • Supports up to 44 lbs wire spools
  • Includes inductance, arc force, wire burn-back time, pre/post flow, and MIG spot timer
  • MIG wire up to 0.062 in. diameter
  • E6010 support for stick welding
  • 3 digital displays
  • 5-year warranty


  • Complex user interface
  • No 2T/4T support
  • 220/240V input only
  • Pulsed-MIG doesn’t support automatic settings


The Everlast is heavier than the previously discussed Eastwood and YesWelder models. Still, it offers more power, numerous features for high-end welding, and industrial-level build quality. Additionally, Everlast provides a 5-year warranty giving professionals a piece of mind.

With its Pulsed-MIG function, the Power MIG 275P achieves exceptional results with stainless steel and offers far more arc settings. You can modify pulse voltages, frequency, and pulse time-on.

Additionally, the Power MIG 275P includes automatic and manual adjustability for standard and pulsed MIG. Not only can you use a standard spool gun for welding aluminum, but this unit also supports using a push-pull system.

The machine has three digital displays, and the front panel is intimidating. Since it supports arc force, inductance, wire burn-back time, pre and post-shielding gas flow, pulsed-MIG, and stick welding, there are many settings you can adjust.

The Everlast Power MIG 275P is much better for professionals than the Eastwood or Yeswelder. However, the Eastwood MIG 250 is still the best bargain machine if you are on a tight budget. But the Everlast MIG 275P costs less than the following welders from Miller, Hobart, and Lincoln Electric. Plus, it’s far more portable.

4. Hobart IronMan 240

Hobart IronMan 240
  • Up to 280A output and 700 IPM wire feed speed
  • Transformer-core for maximum longevity
  • Exceptional Hobart arc quality
  • Spool gun ready
  • Run-in technology for smooth arc start
  • Integrated running gear


  • Flawless arc stability
  • Excellent build quality
  • High duty cycle
  • Spool gun support
  • Smooth, spatter-free arc start
  • Long leads
  • Very high wire feeding speed
  • Supports up to 45 lb. wire spools
  • Integrated wheels for better mobility
  • USA-made
  • Hobart’s industrial 5/3/1 warranty


  • No display
  • Arbitrary values for voltage and wire feeding speed control
  • Heavy at 186 lbs
  • 240V input only
  • No advanced functions for arc control


The Hobart IronMan 240 is an inexpensive, genuine shop-grade MIG welder. While you can use the Eastwood and the Everlast models for shop work, the Ironman 240 is likely to outlive them if you perform high-volume welding.

But, its transformer core comes at a cost. The 186 lbs. weight isn’t portable, so the welder is limited to shop work only. Additionally, Hobart doesn’t provide any functions for arc control other than the primary wire feed and voltage settings. The IronMan 240 also misses a display and automatic settings.

However, this USA-made welder is priced reasonably, considering the build and arc quality. The ground clamp lead could have been longer, and Hobart should include more accessories. But this machine offers a significantly higher wire feed speed than the Eastwood, Everlast, and YesWelder. Plus, the angled cast aluminum wire feed mechanism is better and feeds wire more smoothly.

Of course, Lincoln’s Power MIG 260 and Miller’s 252 models offer far more features, but the IronMan 240 offers the best price-to-value ratio.

5. Lincoln Electric Power MIG 260

Lincoln Electric Power MIG 260
  • Numerous advanced arc control settings
  • Automatic and manual adjustability
  • ArcFX technology lets you visualize the weld before you make it
  • Transformer-core
  • Biggest digital display in the industry
  • Integrated running gear
  • Up to 300A output and 700 IPM wire feed speed


  • Excellent arc and build quality
  • Spot timer and 2T/4T modes
  • Wire run-in and burnback adjustability
  • Automatic and manual settings
  • Ability to graphically visualize the weld based on set parameters
  • Long duty cycle
  • 300A output with extra fast wire feeding speed
  • Integrated running wheels, tilting gas tray, and two 115V front receptacles
  • 7-inch intuitive user interface display
  • 3-Year warranty


  • No pulsed-MIG
  • MIG torch should be better
  • Short leads
  • Complex Busbar system for input voltage setup
  • Heavy at 247 lbs.


The Lincoln Electric Power MIG 260 is expensive but well worth it for a professional shop. This MIG welder matches Hobart’s build and arc quality and includes numerous features needed in a professional environment.

Lincoln’s unique ArcFX technology displays the weld bead shape and penetration based on your set parameters. This is invaluable for shop productivity and operator training.

The Power MIG is very heavy at 247 lbs. But, the integrated wheels make it mobile for work around the shop. This machine is designed for maximum shop productivity. A large display, two receptacles for angle grinders, hooks for cables, storage compartments, and a tilting tray for a gas bottle make setting everything up and working more efficient.

The Lincoln Power MIG 260 provides more features than the Millermatic 252 and Hobart Ironman 240 while offering similar arc and build quality. However, the Everlast Power MIG 275P is a better choice if portability is more important than longevity.

6. Miller Millermatic 252

Miller Millermatic 252
  • Two digital displays
  • Spot, stitch, and burnback control
  • Integrated running gear
  • Transformer-based
  • Up to 300A output and 40% duty cycle at 250A


  • Best arc and build quality
  • Time-tested
  • Angled, dual-gear cast aluminum wire drive
  • Supports push-pull gun
  • Up to 300A output
  • Independent settings for MIG and spool gun
  • 700 IPM wire feed speed
  • Large 12 in. wire spool support
  • 3-Year warranty


  • 10-Years old
  • Heavy at 205 lbs.
  • Minimum input of 208V
  • You can’t modify inductance
  • No 2T/4T
  • We expect far better displays on a premium machine
  • Changing many settings requires powering the machine off and on


The Millermatic 252 is one of the best transformer-based MIG welders on the market and certainly the best from Miller in our humble opinion. The dual-gear angled cast aluminum wire drive feeds the wire smoothly up to 700 IPM, and 300A of power output welds thick steel like butter.

However, as reliable as Millermatic is, time is taking its toll. The Millermatic 252 is ten years old, and many features cannot compare to the Lincoln’s Power MIG 260. To modify wire run-in or burnback, you must power the Millermatic off and on and go through a complex sequence of pressing, holding, and releasing the MIG gun trigger. Compare that to the 7 in. digital display, and you’ll see which machine is more suited for productivity.

Millermatic’s digital displays look poor by today’s standards. Even YesWelder, which costs far less, has a more advanced interface. Additionally, there is no 2T/4T support, which is a shame since the Millermatic has a high duty cycle.

Because the Millermatic 252 is very expensive and falls short in many areas, we’d recommend it only for shops that need maximum reliability and are ready to pay a premium price.

How Thick Can a 250 Amp Welder Weld?

A 250A MIG welder can weld 1/2 in. thick mild steel in a single pass. Stainless steel requires about 10% fewer amperes, while aluminum needs about 25% more. 

Wrapping Up

As you can see, your choices for a quality 250A MIG welder vary. If you run a serious welding shop, consider the Lincoln Power MIG 260 or Millermatic 252 if you require maximum reliability. But, the Millermatic is overpriced compared to the Lincoln machine. 

On the other hand, if portability is your main concern, the Everlast Power MIG 275P is an excellent choice for a shop. For high-volume shops, you may appreciate the durability and reliability of the Hobart Ironman 240.

If you are a demanding hobbyist, the Eastwood MIG 250 is a bargain. While the YesWelder MIG-250 PRO is cheaper, the Eastwood has better build quality and a longer warranty. But if you only occasionally weld, the Yeswelder, with its many features, might be worth considering.

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