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Flux core MIG welding is the simplest and cheapest way to get started with welding. You can buy a flux core welder for dirt cheap, and be set up to weld in no time.

Flux Core MIG Welding is actually the wrong way to say it because flux core and MIG welding are two different processes.

Flux Core MIG Welding Is Simple And Cheap

If you want to save time and money then buying a flux core wire welder is a good step. You can start welding right out of the box in under an hour when flux core mig welding.

When you start out with a flux wire MIG welding what you will find is that flux core wire creates slag. Slag isn’t a big problem, except for the fact that you have to chip it away.

When welding with the MIG (metal inert gas) process, you don’t have to worry about this slag because the weld bead comes out smooth and nice.

Flux Core MIG Welding And Welding Joints

Another crucial thing to learn when welding is how to weld joints. Welding joints are the most difficult thing for beginner welders to learn.

They can be difficult because each joints technique is different.

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