The Benefits Of Learning To Weld

There are various ways in which you can make an awesome income just by learning to weld. For instance, many pipe welders make upwards of $150,000.

In fact, many welders doing this will actually spend 2 to 3 hours of their time just waiting for the pipe fitters to fit up the pipe, and then the welder comes in behind them and welds up the pipe.

You’ve also got fabrication shops who make tons of cash just making simple items like trailers, bbq pits, fire pits, and ornamental gates.

You can own your own mobile welding business where you make your own hours, work where you want to work, and make thousands of dollars doing it.

You could even learn how to become an aircraft welder and help build aircraft panels, and other parts that help the aircraft function.

You could find your own niche market and weld up items in your home garage that people will pay big money for, and you could even contract out with machine shops to weld up specific parts for them when they need it.

Or you could simply weld as a hobby, which is GREAT because you get to enjoy learning how to weld and work on whatever it is that you’re interested in… whether it’s building an ornamental pot holder or making a kick ass bbq smoker on wheels.

Whatever road you choose to go down, it all involves learning to weld and doing it at a high level of skill.

Mistakes When Learning To Weld

When I first began learning to weld about 5 years ago I wasn’t quite sure what I had gotten myself into.

I started out with an oxy acetylene setup, and if you’ve ever oxy/fuel welded you know how difficult it is.

My weld beads were very sloppy, and most of the time my welds just ended up cracking when tested because I couldn’t control the heat from the torch tip.

I continued to practice for many more hours until I got it down. Now, I can lay a weld bead with absolute precision every time with any welding process because I learned how to control the heat.

Welding is the process of joining two metals together. You can weld steel (also known as mild steel), stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and more.

What you can’t do is weld two pieces of metal together without actually penetrating the work piece. What I mean is that although you can make two pieces of metal stick together with an inexpensive welding machine, your welds will only be as strong and as aesthetic as your skill level will allow.

I started out doing it this way and I learned the hard way that in order to make long lasting, beautiful welds you have to take the time to not only practice, but also to clean and fit up the metal for welding.

There are a lot of bad habits you will likely make that are hard to unlearn if you start out welding the wrong way.

You can create awesome looking welds that will hold strong for decades to come if you just follow a few easy to learn steps.

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