How To Weld Square Tubing

When I started recording this welding course on how to MIG weld square tubing I thought it would also be helpful to show you the differences between the metal joints you will be welding.

When you fit up two pieces of square tubing together you get a welding joint.

Actually you get two welding joints because one is a fillet weld and the other is a butt joint.

Watch: MIG Weld Square Tubing

Now that you’ve watched the welding course on square tubing there are several things to note when you start welding your square tubing.

On the filet joint, or where the pieces meet to make a 90-degree angle, you have to use a special gun movement when you’re welding.

In fact, all the welding joints have their own gun movement that will produce the nicest welds.

Just remember it’s mostly personal preference, and since you’re doing an online welding course to learn mig welding then you have all the freedom you want to try different techniques.

An Online Welding Course Like This Will Give You The Tools You Need

Many beginner hobby welders pay for an expensive welding class and they don’t realize that with MIG welding it’s all about how much you practice.

Sure, welding training courses give you the basics of what you need to know but you will only really learn by practicing.

As I mentioned above, when you weld square tubing you will be faced with 2 different welding joints. One is a filet joint, and the other we have not covered is called a butt joint.

It doesn’t take a welding course to be able to weld a butt joint since these are the easiest welding joints to master.

There’s not much to a butt joint… just butt two pieces of metal together end to end and weld it up. Now, when you are welding square tubing the butt joint will tend to melt away quickly on one side since it’s an edge.

So to compensate for that just make sure you direct the MIG gun electrode towards the piece that isn’t the edge.

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