MIG Welding 101: How To MIG Weld Steel In The Flat Position

If you’re a complete beginner, I think you’re going to enjoy this!

Mig Welding Steel Is Easiest In The Flat Position

Learning how to mig weld is easiest when you do it in the flat position.

This is because the weld puddle is just lying on top of the metal and can easily be manipulated to go in any direction you want it to.

If you were welding in the vertical position, gravity is working against you and it will tend to pull the weld puddle down.

You have to be able to manipulate the weld puddle to do what you want in any position you find yourself in.

Mig Welding Steel In The Uphill Position Is Very Tricky

I try not to MIG weld uphill if I don’t have to.

Mig welding steel downhill is easier, but that won’t always be the scenario you find yourself in.

Mig welding steel uphill is difficult, but it’s best for thicker metals because uphill gets deeper weld penetration.

There’s a preheating effect, so as the heat rises from the welding arc it preheats the metal above it.

When welding sheet metal it’s always best to weld downhill because it keeps the metal cool.

Steps To Mig Weld Steel in the Flat Position

  • Step 1: Keep Your gun angled at about 15-30 degrees to the workpiece
  • Step 2: Move slowly enough to let a nice puddle form
  • Step 3: Keep your welding nozzle about 1/4″ from the workpiece

It’s important that you get your MIG machine settings correct.

Whether you’re welding with a MIG welder or flux core welder, the settings are the same.

Make sure you’re running the right amount of wire out of the machine, not too little and not too much.

  • What will happen if you run your wire speed to slow? You won’t be providing enough filler material to run a proper weld bead, and the wire will burn back on your tip.
  • What will happen if you run your wire speed to fast? Your machine will start to feed funny and your wire won’t melt away at a constant rate.

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