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In these welding project plans I’m going to be showing you how to build a super easy set of trailer ramps.

These are excellent for driving your ATV, lawn mower, small tractor, or whatever you’re using it for.

Welding projects like these trailer ramps are a great first project for beginner welders.

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Welding Project Plans – Trailer Ramps Project

To start with I used the Longevity MIGweld 140 to fabricate this project. I recommend this welder as a low cost way to get started MIG welding, and because it has been a good welder.

 photo ramps1_zps273a9bfc.png

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To start with I cut 2 pieces of 2″ x 2″ x 1/8″ thick angle iron. Both pieces were cut 3 feet long. I then cut 5 pieces at 10″ long. I’ve got a 45 degree magnet holding the angle iron up for tack welding.

 photo ramps2_zpsefba1d03.png

Making sure both sides are the same width.

 photo ramps5_zps42be362c.png


 photo ramps6_zps654212b5.png

Tack welding.

 photo ramps3_zps94f807d7.png


 photo ramps4_zps2ee06abb.png


 photo ramps7_zpsc0a032ed.png


 photo ramps8_zpsef7c2185.png

I finished tack welding and getting ready to lay the weld beads.

 photo ramps9_zps10665e1c.png

The finished trailer ramps.

 photo ramps11_zpsb0019fe1.png

That’s it!

These welding project plans really are simple, so if you’re a beginner welder you might want to start here.

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