3 Secrets To Fabricate An Awesome MIG Welding Cart – Simple Plans

In this welding project I’m going to show you my mig welding cart plans.

I’ve made these welding project plans very simple. Just follow along with the pictures and tutorials and you can quickly build this welding cart from home.

Welding Project – How To Build A MIG Welding Cart

The dimensions for the 3 shelves (upper, middle, and bottom) are below.

I’m notching the corners for the rectangular frames.

Using my strong hand tools portable welding table with 90 degree slide ups. This way I ensure my frames are exactly 90 degrees.

The frame has been tack welded, and now I’m getting ready to run beads on the under side of the shelf.

I made a mistake when notching and cut too much material off. So I improvised and filled the gap with a piece of metal. Once tack welded in I did a final weld.

Putting on the legs for the cart. Those are 90 degree magnets I’m using.

Notice the front legs are angled back so the top shelf can have an angle for the welder.

I turned the table sideways to fit the other shelves on.

I’ve tacked welded the entire frame. Now I’m running final welds on the entire frame. Notice the top shelf is angled.

The frame is done.

I’m cutting the shelf supports using the oxy acetylene torch. I’m using expanded metal for this.

Looking better.

Welding the shelves to the cart frame.

I cut some chain in half and I’m welding the pieces on the back of the frame to act as a hook for the bottle strap.

Now I can put the cylinder and strap it down safely.

Don’t forget the wheels. I made the mistake of putting small wheels on the back. DO NOT do the same thing. I have since replaced those small wheels in the back with 2 much bigger wheels on the side. This gives it a lot of support.

That’s it!

I hoped you liked these mig welding cart plans and if you have any welding project ideas you want to share let me know in the comments below.

Author: Garrett Strong

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