3 Welding Tricks To Reduce MIG Weld Spatter

If you’re having a problem with MIG weld spatter sticking to your MIG gun nozzle then you might want to try using a non-stick spray or a nozzle dip.

In this post, I’m going to show you 3 ways to keep weld spatter from sticking to your gun.

There isn’t really a secret to keeping all the MIG weld spatter from sticking, but these are the best ways to reduce the weld spatter.


3 Ways to Remove or Reduce Your MIG Weld Spatter

  • Method 1: Use the needle noses of your MIG pliers to clean out your nozzle.
  • Method 2: Spray your nozzle with non-stick spray to reduce MIG weld spatter from sticking
  • Method 3: Buy a commercial nonstick dip to prevent any spatter from sticking

There are commercial sprays available so you can spray your nozzle, but I have never been a fan of spraying my mig nozzle.

I’m just cautious about getting stuff in the gas outlet of the MIG gun, which could prevent gas from flowing.

I would just be on the side of caution and go with a non-stick dip.

With a non-stick dip you are only getting the non-stick substance where it needs to be.

How to Reduce Weld Spatter on Your Workpiece

If you’ve been MIG welding for any period of time you know that even if you get your settings just right, you’re still going to get MIG weld spatter around your welds.

This can be undesirable on projects that you want to keep clean.

The solution?

There are sprays available that are specifically made to spray your workpiece before welding.

After the weld is made you simply wipe off the weld spatter.

Pretty cool I think.

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