Yeswelder MIG-205DS Review – How Good Is It?

YesWelder priced their MIG-205DS multi-process welder aggressively and designed it primarily for DIY. But the MIG-205DS can also handle light shop use.

This unit is one of the best-priced welders on the market. So, yes, it has some downsides. But the inclusion of many valuable features at such a low price elevates it above the other low-priced welders.

This article will discuss all the pros and cons and see how it fares against competing machines.

Review Summary

This is the best-selling welder from YesWelder, for a good reason. It’s dirt cheap but provides slightly better build quality than competing models. It’s powerful and generates a decent arc, especially for TIG welding. Plus, many beginners like having a plethora of features.

Technical Specifications

Welder TypeMIG/Flux-cored/TIG/Stick
Input Voltage120/220V
Output Current TypeDC
TechnologyIGBT Inverter
Amperage OutputMIG: 30-205A
TIG: 20-180A
Stick: 20-180A
Duty Cycle60% at 205A
Weldable MaterialsMild steel, stainless steel
Weldable Mild Steel Thickness (Single-pass)Up to 3/8 in.
Accepted MIG Wire Sizes0.023″, 0.030″, and 0.035” Solid wire0.035” Gasless wire
PriceBest Price Here

Rating Overview

  • Performance: 4/5
    The MIG-205DS has a reasonably stable arc and achieves good penetration compared to similarly priced welders.
  • Power: 5/5
    With up to 205A of welding power and a 60% duty cycle, the MIG-205DS is a powerful welder. Hobbyists are unlikely to need this much power most of the time, but it sure is nice to have it available.
  • Features: 4.5/5
    This machine includes 2T/4T, inductance control, automatic settings based on the metal thickness, DINSE plugs, digital displays, and many others we’ll discuss later. But, it doesn’t support a spool gun for welding aluminum.
  • Portability: 5/5
    The measly 23 lbs weight makes this multi-process welder one of the lightest on the market. Its compact size, dual voltage support, and built-in handle on the top make it portable and versatile for welding on the go.
  • Price: 5/5
    YesWelder manufactures and sells their machines. By cutting out the “middle-man,” they keep the costs rock-bottom low while offering hobbyist-level equipment with an excellent price-to-value ratio. The 205DS is no exception because it combines lots of features, power, and decent arc quality at a price on the low end of the spectrum. 
  • Manufacturer support: 5/5
    YesWelder’s customer support is better than what you will find with the other “import” brands. They are quick to respond and help if something goes wrong. Also, the provided 1-year warranty is in line with the price and a hobbyist-grade unit.


  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent price-to-value ratio
  • Up to 205A output
  • High duty cycle (60% @ max output)
  • Standard Euro MIG gun connection and DINSE plugs support
  • Stable arc and surprisingly focused TIG arc
  • 2T/4T, inductance control, gas check, manual wire feed button, and other useful features
  • Dual voltage support
  • Two digital displays
  • Infinite adjustability
  • Auto and manual settings are available
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Excellent MIG torch and ground clamp quality for the price
  • Long leads
  • Easy to use
  • Cast aluminum wire drive system
  • The front cover includes a transparent lid for protection
  • 1-year warranty


  • Sheet metal housing is a bit thin (e.g., you can bend the door by hand)
  • It’s challenging to access the wire drive
  • TIG torch sold separately
  • Gas regulator for MIG/TIG not included
  • Doesn’t have a settings chart inside the unit’s door
  • No spool gun support, can’t weld aluminum

Overall Verdict: 4.5/5
The lack of spool gun support and a few minor design flaws are not a deal-breaker considering everything packed into this inexpensive unit. The YesWelder MIG-205DS is one of the best entry-level welders you can find at this price.

Where to buy:
The MIG-205DS is sold on Amazon, however, you will usually find it cheaper on their own website with a current deal they are running, or, with a coupon like “WELDGURU10” which I found online.

What To Know Before Buying The Yeswelder MIG-205DS

There are a few shortcomings to the MIG-205DS. After all, it’s impossible to check all of the “wanted” boxes at such a low price. So, let’s take a look at its biggest cons to help you determine if this welder might work for you.

It Can’t Weld Aluminum

Unfortunately, the MIG-205DS lacks spool gun support. Of course, AC TIG is impossible at this price, excluding any possibility of welding aluminum welding. 

However, if you must weld aluminum, the YesWelder MIG-250SG has native support for MIG aluminum wire. Thanks to a specialized graphene liner and “U” roller, it doesn’t require a spool gun.

While it’s a bit more expensive, the increased power alone justifies the price increase. But, keep in mind, unlike the MIG-205DS, it only supports 220V input.

Not Everything Is Included

Almost every brand selling inexpensive multi-process welders excludes some accessories. They do this to cut costs, so this is not a con per se. For example, the Forney 140MP costs more but doesn’t include all the accessories found in the MIG-205DS box and is just a weaker competitor overall. 

Keep in mind the shielding gas regulator is not included with this Yeswelder unit. Most beginners don’t have one at home, so you must buy one to weld using the MIG and TIG processes. We recommend this one from YesWelder. It’s inexpensive and compatible.

If you want to TIG weld, you also must purchase the torch separately. YesWelder sells a MIG-205DS compatible torch. But you can, of course, get another brand. Just make sure you buy the torch with the correct DINSE connector.

Some Design Issues

This YesWelder model has an accessibility issue. The welder’s sheet metal body partially covers the wire drive system (see photo below). It makes things challenging to access with fingers, especially when replacing the drive rolls. 

When switching from MIG to flux-cored welding, you must replace the smooth grooved wire roller with the knurled roller supplied with the unit. The knurled drive has teeth to dig into the soft flux-cored wire and keep it moving through the feeder. But switching these drives is difficult in such a tight space.

Another related design issue involves the 10 lbs spool of wire. You must kink the wire lead to enter it into the wire leader. This is not a significant issue, but it does add unnecessary tension to the wire. But, after the 10 lbs spool gets thinner with use, this issue resolves.

And finally, YesWelder doesn’t provide a handy chart with recommended settings. However, the machine lets you enter the material thickness, and then the unit recommends settings. But it uses metric units, so a quick reference chart would still be helpful to many users that work using Imperial units.

How The Yeswelder MIG-205DS Stacks Up

The YesWelder MIG-205DS competes well despite the previously discussed shortcomings. At this price, there aren’t many multi-process welders on the market with this kind of welding power and included features. 

YesWelder does a great job providing low-cost, hobbyist-grade welders. Alternatives like the Forney MP140 don’t have equivalent power or features but cost more. Welders like the Hobart Multi-Handler 200 provide better build quality and similar power. But at more than double the cost.

One of the better alternatives is the Eastwood Elite MP200i. It costs almost twice the MIG-205DS price but has a better build quality and a 3-Year warranty. The YesWelder MIG-205DS is something like a lower-quality version of Eastwood’s MP200i. The YesWelder model does have more features, but the MP200i supports a spool gun, unlike MIG-205DS.

You can’t go wrong with either the MIG-205DS or the MP200i. The YesWelder saves you money at the cost of some durability, while Eastwood focused their design on the build and arc quality in a more expensive unit.

Besides the low cost, YesWelder offers a higher duty cycle and a lower weight than Eastwood. And most importantly, YesWelder’s model outputs 160A at a standard 120V input voltage, while the Eastwood’s unit maxes out at 90A. So, unless you have 220V available, the YesWelder provides significantly more power.

In short, the MIG-205DS is a hobby-grade welder, while the Elite MP200i can handle heavy work in a shop. But the YesWelder offers a far better value for hobbyists and light shop use.

Feature / WelderYesWelder MIG-205DSEastwood Elite MP200i
Amperage Output120V: Up to 160A
220V: Up to 205A
120V: Up to 90A
220V: Up to 200A
Duty Cycle60% at 205A20% at 200A
Weldable Mild Steel Thickness (Single-pass)Up to 3/8 in.Up to 3/8 in.
Spool Gun Support
Spot Timer
Synergic (Auto) MIG
Inductance Control
Gas Check
Manual Wire Feed Button
Best Price Here
Best Price Here

You can read my full Eastwood MP200i review here.

Best Features of the Yeswelder MIG-205DS

Even priced on the low side of the spectrum, YesWelder managed to pack many features the competing brands simply can’t include. A major reason for that, YesWelder manufactures and sells their equipment, cutting out the middle man. But, it is also due to designing machines with a balance of quality, power, and features. 

Making a “hobby-grade” machine doesn’t require the inclusion of maximum durability or the best arc, allowing some room for more features and welding power. Most hobbyists simply don’t need Hobart’s or Miller’s level of durability. That’s why YesWelder’s machines are popular, especially the MIG-205DS.

Welding Power

At this price, the first thing that catches your eye is the 60% duty cycle at 205A. While I would not push the limit daily, this is more welding power than most DIY and hobby users need.  But when you do need it, the MIG-205DS has it ready. You would regret owning a lower-powered unit for those few jobs when it is needed.

With a 60% duty cycle, you can weld all DIY projects like metal fences, garden benches, tools and equipment, and others without worrying about hitting the limit.

The 205A maximum amperage is more than enough for light welding needs. Having the power to weld 3/8 in. will satisfy DIY work and most light fabrication in a welding shop.

Arc Quality

The YesWelder MIG-205DS has surprisingly good arc quality for the price. It’s not as stable as Hobart’s or Eastwood’s, but it’s better than other inexpensive brands. The MIG-205DS arc is more than satisfactory for everyday welding needs.

Of course, if you are welding hypersensitive metal or working on a structural piece that has to pass x-ray or other forms of non-destructive test methods, you can’t use a cheap welder. But, the arc quality is good enough for welding something in your garage or small shop.

We are delighted with the TIG arc quality. It’s exceptionally focused and stable for the asking price. It’s as good as Eastwood’s. The arc doesn’t spatter, and the cone is equal in all directions if you set everything correctly. It is hard to believe, but you can achieve nice-looking DC TIG welds on stainless or mild steel with this little welder.

Another plus for the included TIG process is a smooth lift TIG action. You touch the base metal, lift the tungsten upwards, and the arc ignites with no fuss. 

Most inexpensive machines that claim “Lift TIG arc start” behave more like they have a scratch arc start. This start forces you to scratch the surface and contaminates the tungsten electrode and the base metal. 

Many Useful Features

With welders like Forney 140MP as a baseline in this price range, it’s unreasonable to expect many advanced features. However, YesWelder broke that narrative, and the MIG-205DS set itself apart from many competitors.

The 2T/4T mode is often unavailable on even more expensive welders, but the 205DS includes it. It’s handy because the machine also has a generous duty cycle. This allows you to use 4T to its maximum advantage since you can make long welds without holding the torch trigger. Once you have used it once, you are hooked, and it becomes indispensable for long welds or tight areas where the hand can’t physically fit with the torch.

For added control, an inductance setting lets you modify the arc behavior. It’s useful when fine-tuning the resulting width and depth of the bead. 

One of the most helpful features for beginners is the auto Synergic MIG. It automatically adjusts the wire feeding speed to your voltage settings. Plus, you can input the material thickness to let the unit provide recommended settings. New welders will find this valuable until they learn what settings work best.

Some small features are also a nice touch. For example, the gas check button releases the shielding gas for a few seconds. This lets you dial in the regulator to ensure everything works fine before starting a weld.

Digital Displays

With two digital displays and infinitely adjustable knobs, you can modify the wire feed speed, voltage, inductance, or input material thickness for automatic settings.

Digital displays like this are typically reserved for more expensive welders. So, having two is unusual but quite welcomed, especially by beginners.

What’s Included

  • YesWelder MIG-205DS
  • MIG torch, 10-feet
  • Electrode holder, 10-feet
  • Ground clamp, 10-feet
  • Gas hose
  • Additional 0.030” and 0.035” contact tip
  • 110V/220V adapter
  • Brush

Final Verdict

The YesWelder MIG-205DS is an excellent choice if you are on a tight budget and weld as a hobby. It gets you multiple features available on more expensive welders and lots of welding power. 

If your budget doesn’t allow buying something like Eastwood’s MP200i, and you don’t need to tackle heavy-duty jobs, this YesWelder is an excellent choice as a low-cost solution.

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