Yeswelder MP200 Review – Is It Worth It?

The YesWelder MP200 is an innovative, affordable, multi-process welder designed for hobbyists and DIY garage work. But it has a surprise.

It’s the first of its kind. Before the MP200, no one had combined a plasma cutter with the standard four welding processes we typically see in multiprocess welders.

This multiprocess unit offers exceptional value with the plasma cutter integrated. So understandably, this unique YesWelder model was an instant success when launched on Kickstarter.  It is still the only 5-in-1 unit on the market, making it a favorite for weekend warriors.

So, let’s take a look at the pros and cons and discuss how it stacks up to competing models.

Review Summary

Technical Specifications

Welder TypeMIG/Flux-cored/TIG/Stick/Plasma Cutting
Input Voltage120/220V
Output Current TypeDC
TechnologyIGBT Inverter
Amperage OutputMIG: 20-200A
TIG: 20-200A
Stick: 20-200A
Plasma: 20-40A
Duty CycleMIG/TIG/Stick: 60% at 200A
Plasma: 60% at 40A
Weldable MaterialsMild steel, stainless steel
Weldable Mild Steel Thickness (Single-pass)MIG: up to 1/2 in.
TIG: up to 3/32 in.
Stick: up to 3/16 in.
Cutting Mild Steel ThicknessMax clean cut at 1/4 in.,
severance at 1/2 in.
Accepted MIG Wire Sizes.030″ & .035″ W-Groove Roller
.030″ & .035″ V-Groove Roller
Weight28.55 lb
PriceBest Price Here

Rating Overview

  • Performance: 4/5
    The MP200 brings outstanding performance for a hobbyist unit. But don’t expect the arc quality to match Miller or ESAB. That said, it does have a more stable arc than other inexpensive welders.
  • Power: 5/5
    This welder handles everything a DIY and small shop might do with a 200A output and a 60% duty cycle. The best thing, with a 110V input power supply, you get 160A of output to weld. This is significantly higher than the competitors that run on 110V. 
  • Features: 5/5
    The MP200 is loaded with features. Fantastic digital display, Synergic MIG, 2T/4T, burn back, memory settings, and more make it the most feature-rich multi-process welder at this price.
  • Portability: 5/5
    Considering that it’s a true 5-in-1 unit and weighs just 28.5 lbs, the MP200 is the most portable multi-purpose machine. But it still packs a punch. You rarely find the immense duty cycle and power in such a lightweight unit.
  • Price: 5/5
    Since YesWelder manufactures and sells their equipment directly, cutting out the middle man, they can offer this feature-rich machine at a low cost. The addition of a plasma cutter significantly improves the price-to-value ratio, but so do the other included features.
  • Manufacturer Support: 5/5
    The MP200 comes with a 1-year warranty, which is sufficient considering the price and that YesWelder produces hobbyist-level gear. Their customer support is always available to help and answer any questions.


  • First-ever 5-in-1 multi-process welder
  • Powerful plasma cutter
  • MIG welding outputs a smooth, sharp arc
  • Stick process performs well and even runs E6010 rods
  • TIG outputs a stable, focused arc
  • Beautiful large display
  • Supports infinite adjustability for voltage and amperage
  • You can select the unit system
  • Ability to save settings
  • Immense duty cycle
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Dual-voltage input
  • Dual-fan heat dissipation with seven-leaf design for optimal air-flow
  • Everything is included except the gas regulator
  • Long leads
  • Quality torches and electrode holder
  • Very good build quality with a premium design
  • Cast aluminum wire drive system


  • No spool gun support
  • Lacks AC TIG for welding aluminum
  • Unable to support a TIG foot pedal control
  • Lift start TIG
  • The E6010 electrode doesn’t perform to its maximum ability
  • Arc noise may fluctuate at times
  • Not designed for heavy-duty welding
  • Gas regulator is not included

Overall Verdict: 5/5
This is not a professional grade welder, such as the ESAB Rebel 205ic. But the MP200 offers the best value for the money. You are unlikely to find a better deal for a DIY, hobbyist, or light welding shop. For this reason, this innovative unit from YesWelder has taken the market by surprise.

Where to buy:
The Yeswelder MP200 is sold on Amazon, however, you will usually find it cheaper on their own website with a current deal they are running, or, with a coupon like “WELDGURU10” which I found online.

What To Know Before Buying The Yeswelder MP200

Given that the MP200 includes a powerful plasma cutter that would cost a hefty sum by itself, YesWelder had to limit some aspects of the welder to keep the costs down. While this welder is packed with features that put most competing units to shame, you should still understand its shortcomings. So, let’s take a look at its cons to help you determine if this machine is for you.

It Can’t Weld Aluminum

The biggest shortfall of the MP200 is its inability to weld aluminum. It doesn’t support a spool gun for MIG or an AC TIG output. The AC TIG is unrealistic at this price, especially when considering this welder’s other included features. 

But I wish they had included the spool gun support. If it did, the MP200 would completely dominate the hobbyist-level welding market. However, if you must weld aluminum, you need to look elsewhere. 

Basic TIG Welding

The MP200 supports basic lift TIG DC welding only. This is good enough to learn how to TIG weld and achieve good welds on mild and stainless steel. But it’s not enough for professional work.

Since it doesn’t support a High-Frequency (“HF”) arc start, the resulting welds are likely to have tungsten inclusions, diminishing the fusion quality. Additionally, you cannot utilize the TIG welding to its maximum without support for advanced features like pulse TIG, upslope, downslope, or foot pedal support.

Not Designed For Professional, Heavy-Duty Jobs

The welding community gave the MP200 a warm reception. But due to its extremely successful Kickstarter campaign ($3.5 million collected), some people may have overly high expectations. 

While this machine works great for DIY and light shop welding, which Yeswelder designed it for, it’s not a heavy-duty welder. This means that you can’t expect Miller or ESAB-like performance and shouldn’t push it to its limits daily. This point is not a con but something to keep in mind.

How The Yeswelder MP200 Stacks Up

Since there are no other multi-process welders that include a plasma cutter, we must compare it to “regular” multi-purpose machines. Therefore, we chose the Lincoln Electric MP210 and Miller Multimatic 215. Both provide around 200A of output, DC Lift TIG, and are designed for hobbyists or light shop use.

Here is the bottom line. The big brand names offer better build and arc quality but at significantly higher prices. They also have fewer features, a lower duty cycle, don’t include a plasma cutter, and weigh more. But they support a spool gun if welding aluminum is a must.

If you are a hobbyist, it doesn’t make sense to get a Multimatic 215 since it costs more than three times the MP200. While built much better, you likely don’t need that high build quality in a DIY shop. 

The Lincoln Electric MP210 costs far more than the MP200 but has a poor display in comparison. The MP210 also has fewer features, and while it supports the TIG pedal, it doesn’t include it or the TIG torch. So, to perform the same kind of DC lift TIG, you must make an additional investment. Plus, its duty cycle of 25% at 200A is more than 50% lower than YesWelder’s. 

If you don’t need to weld aluminum or the ultimate arc and build quality, spending three times the money on the big brand names doesn’t make sense. Still, if you run a welding business and expect to push the machine constantly, the big brands have that advantage. 

But for DIY or light shop work, the YesWelder has a significant edge over the competing models. The digital display and menu are superior, even compared to the professional Multimatic 220 and ESAB Rebel models, making the setup process a breeze.

In comparison with the overall welder market, we can’t forget the inclusion of a plasma cutter. No other brand offers a 5-in-1 model, making the YesWelder unique and extremely cost-effective. For example, you would blow a hole in your wallet if you were to buy a Lincoln’s MP210, TIG accessories, and a third-party plasma cutter.

Feature / WelderYeswelder
Supported ProcessesMIG/Flux-core/DC Lift TIG/Stick and Plasma CuttingMIG/Flux-core/DC Lift TIG/StickMIG/Flux-core/DC Lift TIG/Stick
Output AmperageWelding: 20-200A
Cutting: 20-40A
Duty Cycle60% at 200A25% at 200A20% at 200A
Spool Gun Support
Display Quality10/107/108/10
Everything Included
Inductance Control
TIG Foot Pedal Support
Burnback Control
2T/4T Support
Memory Settings
(Up to 10)
Dual Fan
Best Price Here
Check Amazon
Check Amazon

Best Features of the Yeswelder MP200

Aside from the inability to weld aluminum, Yeswelder packed a myriad of features into the MP200. Our review would be too long if we were to talk about each, so let’s discuss its best selling points.

The MP200 may sound too good to be true to some people. But, keep in mind that the YesWelder cuts out the middle man, allowing them to offer the machine at a reduced price.

Big, High-Quality Display

The first thing that catches the eye is Yeswelder’s colossal display. But it’s not just big. The picture quality and menu organization are some of the best we’ve seen. The colors are bright, the text is sharp, and the menu is intuitive.

The display in the MP200 may “trick” you into believing that this is a high-end professional welder. That’s because not even the most expensive ESAB or Miller units have displays as beautiful. 

Of course, this is subjective, but I am sure that if you had to guess how much the machine costs, you would think it costs far more than the actual sale price just because of the display. It gives the MP200 a premium feel and makes the setup effortless. 

A Plethora of Functions And Adjustability

The Yeswelder MP200 supports multiple settings and features for every welding process. As discussed earlier, the TIG process has the fewest options, but the other processes are well equipped.

The plasma cutting mode lets you specify the pre and post-flow airflow time and use the 2T/4T mode. In stick welding mode, you can select the electrode type and diameter, and the machine adjusts the arc accordingly.

Most functions are available when using the MIG and FCAW welding processes. You can modify the wire type, diameter, and material thickness to get the best automatic settings (you can also adjust everything manually). Additionally, the 2T/4T and burn-back control let you further tailor your experience.

The 4T mode is beneficial when making long welds (or cuts with plasma). With 4T, you start the arc by pressing and releasing the torch trigger. The arc will stay lit until you repeat the action. The 4T feature lets you weld without hand/finger fatigue and access tight corners where it’s impossible to fit the torch while holding the trigger.


The YesWelder MP200 has more power than the average hobbyist will ever need. It can weld up to 1/2 in. mild steel with MIG and cut the same thickness with plasma. The immense duty cycle of 60% at maximum output for welding and cutting is not something you’ll probably need. But you’ll be glad you have. The duty cycle is, of course, even higher if you are not using the maximum amps.

Arc Quality

While the arc is not as steady as the big brand names, it’s fine for most welding tasks. A hobbyist will most likely not even feel the difference. Unless you are making critical structural welds or joining stainless steel for sensitive applications, you shouldn’t have any issues.

This welder has good arc quality, especially compared to similarly priced units. However, if you want a better arc quality, you must go up several price brackets. One area where the MP200 lags is the arc stability with the E6010 rod. But even more expensive inverters struggle with it.

Build Quality 

The cast aluminum wire drive system, brass-to-gun connection, good torch and lead quality, sturdy sheet metal body, and quality plastics offer comparable build quality to many welders in this price range. But, the phenomenal display, dual fans cooling system, length of provided leads, and display cover are missing in competing units, so its market value is higher. 

While this is a hobbyist-grade welder, Yeswelder built it rather well. However, I wouldn’t max out the duty cycle constantly and be careful of excessive dust and moisture in the environment.

What’s Included

  • YesWelder MP200
  • YW-L150-10E 200A MIG Torch, 10-feet
  • Electrode Holder, 10-feet
  • PT31 Cutting Torch, 13-feet
  • WP-17V TIG Torch, 13-feet
  • Ground Clamp, 10-feet
  • Gas hose with 5/8″-18 RH, 8-feet
  • Additional 0.030″ and 0.035″ contact tip
  • 220V->110V Power Adapter
  • Air hose
  • W-Groove roller, 0.030″ and 0.035″
  • V-Groove roller, 0.030″ and 0.035″
  • Brush

Final Verdict

The Yeswelder MP200 is the machine every weekend warrior/DIY hobbyist wanted. That’s why its Kickstarter campaign was one of the most successful launches on the platform in 2021.

If you don’t intend heavy-duty, professional welding but want all the welding processes, including plasma cutting, the MP200 is a very cost-effective choice.

In short, the Yeswelder MP200 hands-down beats buying a “regular” multi-process unit and a standalone plasma cutter. So, if you don’t need to weld aluminum, it’s well worth your consideration.

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